Clueless Woman Instructs Viewers How To ‘Dress Punk,’ Fails

"Maybe if you could get 'Jesus died for somebody's sins but not mine' in rhinestones on your tank, that would be really cute."

Yesterday The Hairpin posted this video and I have finally recovered. The clip is hosted by Wendi Braswell, who I believe is a fashion and style or beauty or something expert because she claims to be, in spite of everything she says. Basically, if you want to dress punk (and are a girl) you’ll need a black tank (?), some ruffles and other stuff, she isn’t really sure. Here is her thesis statement:

“If you’re trying to be a little modern and off-edge, [punk is] anything that normal people wouldn’t do.”

…Which translates to:

“You’re not going to do bright colors, you’re not going to do pastels, you’re not going to do preppy, you’re not going to do plaids… unless you take it a little edgy, take it to the edgy level. So, in general, punk tends to be black, dark and dirty.”

Perhaps because she uses air quotes when she says punk, she is referring to a kind of hilarious imaginary offshoot of the subculture that features hideous chunky necklaces and ripped Jordache jeans? I propose making a response video entitled, “How To Use Words As If They Have Meaning,” but I digress. If you want to know “how to dress punk” (for girls), the easiest way is simply to not be the kind of person who watches this video.

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    • crackerjackie

      So by definition, is her vest considered punk? Unless I’m way out of the loop and it’s now fashionable to slay Animal from the Muppets and wear him.

      I would love to take this woman to Harvard Square for the day.

      • Chloe

        The crust punks would descend.

      • sigh

        Word. I kept looking at her Muppet Vest and thinking, now that’s punk. Same goes for her studded leather cuff.

        I wonder how Vivien Westwood would respond to this?

    • Quin

      This pretty much just made me think of how I could take this clueless woman’s advice but actually make it look punk. I wanna do this now…

    • Raerae

      Oh my God, I was so embarrassed for this woman the whole entire time I watched it!

    • milli

      uh, what? this isnt punk… you could open up any fashion magazine and see light-washed jeans, a blank tank, and chunky jewelry. i love how she kept stressing that you can’t be like a normal person in order to dress punk, however, this is the most normal outfit i’ve ever seen.

      plus, punk is kind of … out. i’m 23. and the punk/emo look was really big when i was about 15, 16, 17 years old. it’s kind of faded since then.

    • K

      They look like real housewives of OC on a normal day.

    • Amy

      Why on Earth does she keep stressing how it’s ‘for girls’. That killed some brain cells.

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    • M

      I usually wear oil-stained worn out men’s jeans,cheap black tank tops, and combat boots. A lot of the people I go to school with dress similarly. Apparently we’re ALL punks. I thought we were just mechanics who dressed in a practical manner for our physical, dirty work? Or maybe because all these tips are ‘for GIRLS’ it doesn’t apply to most of them and I’m secretly a punk among normals. *GASP*

    • Ashley Cardiff

      I’d like to take a moment and remind you this is

      2) FOR GIRLS

      In case you forgot.

      • Ruca

        Coming from a WOMAN who has dressed “punk” since the late 80′s when I was technically a “girl”: YOU ARE AN IDIOT! Please, stop giving fashion advice on a hardcore genre of dress which is extremely culture-based. Here’s some culture shock for you: referring to women as “girls” is demeaning and unacceptable, much as your entire attempt to advise people on how to dress “punk” is.

        One last thing: F*CK YOU FOR SAYING THIS IS “NOT FOR NORMAL PEOPLE”!! You have your nerve. I am a university English Professor, and you are a pissant. Get an education and take a cultural & gender sensitivity class before you make any more “advice” tutorials.

      • Ruca

        Ashley–just so you know, my irritation is directed at the woman in the video, not you. I do apologize for not clarifying that. I think the video itself made me see red enough that I forgot to be polite to the blog author who obviously agrees with me. Your comment is clearly sarcastic, and an intentional jab at the peon in the video, not a sincere comment.

        I’m going to take my higher educated butt and go punch walls now…. lol

      • Ashley Cardiff

        (It took me about 2 sentences of intense confusion, but I figured it out.)

      • Charisse

        Omigosh, Ashley. Thanks so much for the reminder. For, like, HALF of a second I DID forget that this wasn’t “for normal people” and it was “for girls”.

        Thanks for another well-written and humorous article. It’s extremely frustrating to work in fashion and see someone like this twit make others in the industry look by bad spewing complete and utter nonsense like this. The fact that she has more than one video readily accessible to the masses is equally appalling.

    • Megan

      Here is another video this woman made, “How to Dress Like a Wealthy Woman”. It’s equally terrible.

    • Dee

      If this chick is a “style expert”, then I’m Mickey Mouse…

    • Charisse

      It’s all very punkish, very edgy…for girls!

      My favorite line had to be the one at the end, “You’re gonna put on something that you don’t care what other people think of you. That’s ‘punk’ for girls.”

    • syd

      I remember when I thought my friend was soooo punk in 7th grade. She looked kind of like this. The model is almost as edgy as a 12 year old

    • Naomi

      This is incredibly depressing. Vivienne Westwood has far more punk credibility than this twit.