Join TheGloss’ Scavenger Hunt For Fashion’s Night Out (And Win $250 Worth Of Prizes)


Tonight is Fashion’s Night Out and we are lonely and scared and want you to be our friends. Help us feel like we’re not going through this alone. We’ll pay you, sort of.

We’re hosting a scavenger hunt. This is what is on the list:

A pink cupcake

Anyone wearing a hat

A Cosmopolitan

A t-shirt that reads Fashion (it can be “I love fashion” or “Fashion’s Night Out” or anything)

A red carpet

A camera crew

Knee high socks being worn by an adult

Karl Lagerfeld

Someone wearing leopard print

A celebrity

A band

Champagne bottle

A man in a tuxedo

A scrunchie

The first person to tweet pictures of 5 of the above items to our twitter account (TheGlossDotCom) will win a goodie bag full of prizes. They include a beautiful Banana Republic Tote, bangles by Chloe and Isabel and a wide assortment of make-up products. We’ll start – now. We’re starting now. Not tonight when the festivities start, now. Get on your twitter and start sending pictures to TheGlossDotCom. RUN! RUN WITH YOUR TWITTER FINGERS!

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    • Vida

      Jennifer, can you please confirm whether or not there’s been a winner? I just finished this annoying monthly report and want, no NEED, to join the hunt really, really, really bad!!

      • Jennifer Wright

        Join now. Immediately. NOW.

    • Vida

      I’m on it!!

    • Silke

      Woohoo, I just received a text telling me I won!!! I’m so excited. Thank you!