Gallery: What To Do When You Hate Your Job

Working here at The Gloss has been nothing but good times and girl power. A veritable top-free stroll through the park, as it were. But alas, I have not always been so happy with my employer(s). Believe it or not, I’ve had many jobs that I’ve hated quite a bit, and even one which I’m pretty sure drove me temporarily insane. Hence, I feel qualified to dole out advice to people in similar situations. Here are some things you can do when you hate your job.

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    • porkchop

      Quitting THAT job is one of my favorite memories. I gave my official notice, and my boss asked if I had another job, and I just smiled and said,


      It couldn’t have been more obvious that I hated them, yet I didn’t have to stoop to saying it out loud.

      • Rachel

        I have done that too. It felt so awesome. I hated my job, but they loved me. Everyone knew I had no job to go to lined up, but my boss still threw me a party with ice cream cake to wish me the best!

      • M

        Meeee too! I only tried 1 & 2 [though we were allowed to do 2; I worked at a coffee shop], and of course 1 didn’t work, and then eventually I quit without notice. I still don’t regret it one tiny bit, even though it was technically a) unprofessional and b) assholey. But oh god it felt so GOOD, and it has not affected my future employment whatsoever: I quit under the second manager at that store; the first manager still loves me and is happy to be a reference, which is something I considered before I did it. And now I have a job that I LOVE, and it’s incredibly fulfilling, and unlike my old crazy manager they appreciate what I contribute instead of being convinced that everything can be done better and faster [even though I already outperformed almost everyone else who worked there; there was a reason the manager scheduled me for 30+ hours a week when most of my coworkers got four to fifteenish, even while constantly berating me and saying I needed to improve despite the fact that the supervisors all loved working with me because shit got done]. Oh yeah, and my current job pays me more than twice per hour what starting wage was at the crappy job. But hey, thanks to Crazycakes Ex-Manager I appreciate my current job EVEN MORE. :D

    • edi


    • Fabel

      “at the height of my job-related nervous breakdown, I pretty much refused to shower except when I thought I was going out later”