• Fri, Sep 9 2011

Russian Woman Endeavors To Look Like Human Barbie

This chick is making waves on the interwebs for her desire to look as much like Barbie as possible. It’s not clear whether — or what — plastic surgery she’s had, but she seems to be getting pretty close to her goal.

My reactions to this curious Slavic lady are twofold:

1. The most notable thing about her is her impeccable skin. This may have been accomplished by either Photoshop or cosmetic procedures. Either way, well played.

2. But still….meh. She looks like Paris Hilton/someone you might see at Coffee Bean in West Hollywood.

[via Buzzfeed]

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  • becca

    What’s her name then? seems like no one knows?

  • http://atheaterofone.tumblr.com/ Danielle

    Didn’t some woman already do this back in the 80′s?

    • Nix

      Yes, with terrible results.

  • Casey

    Here is an update on the original “Human Barbie.” She lives in Britain I believe.


  • Canaduck

    There is no way that photo is not massively ‘shopped.

  • J3ssieb4be

    I wouldn’t be able to have a conversation with her I’d be tryin not to giggle :)

    • Celeste

      Giggling out of jealousy i suppose :)

    • Nix

      Jealousy? I thought she meant because it would be like meeting a “celebrity”.

    • NoGo

      Because of her creepy looks

  • jules

    OM! even her eyes look like “Barbie’s”
    tsk tsk

  • silvermist

    now she is has one hell of a scary face

  • Asia

    She’s BEAUTIFUL and looks to be naturally so. ANYONE calling her unattractive or strange looking is doing so out of sheer jealousy.

  • Itzi

    I won’t disagree, she is beautiful, but there must be something really wrong with you mentally to have such an obsession.

  • Abby

    First mistake: Book.

    What barbie reads?

    Please check out missbimbo.com

    • malware_detected

      barbie only reads fashion magazines

  • May

    I think she looks pretty, but it is photoshopped. When you watch vids of her, you’ll see her skin isn’t that great. :D But it’s her choice to look like that :D

    Oh her name is: anzhelika kenova