Poll: Lou Eyrich’s Head Tattoos – How Do You Feel?

I feel like this look, being sported by Glee costume designer Lou Eyrich, is kind of wispy and interesting and actually beautiful. I mean, most of the time hair is just hair, you know? Just kind of one color and annoying, always getting in your eyes and out of place and such. This way you could make all the patterns perfect. No more bad hair days! Until I realized you’d have to shave your head every day to keep it perfect, and I can barely shave my knees. But I suppose if you let your hair grow out then blam! wham! no more tattoo. So many choices! TOO MANY. Here is a poll:

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    • Jenny

      I think it’s cool in theory and in this picture, but shaving sucks and it’d look weird if real hair grew back

    • ash

      well suddenly I don’t fear old age. I’m looking forward to the day when I reach this level of ‘idontgiveafuck’


      How about more categories? Like hilarious, not worth the pain, or did she loose a bet.

    • Henry Tarin

      Crazy chia pet idea!

    • jo-jo

      very cool and advanced. I wonder if she ever wants to have the wisps fall somewhere else? The shaving thing mentioned by jenny is a very real consideration. but cool!

    • Gay Harrison

      Absolutely horrendous! Couldn’t listen to conversation on E! Pre-Emmy Show as I was in shock over her lack of hair and horrible tatoo…It’s uncomfotable to see and very, very wierd!

    • marsha

      I wish i’d had this option when i was bald for a year after chemo! i think it’s beautiful and stunning.

    • eryn krueger mekash

      thanks, everyone! mike mekash and myself designed this for lou-its a “tinsley transfer” a process created created by christien tinsley, who does all of my makeup effects for me. we wanted something as cool as lou is! haters, hater on! we love it!

      • scalp problem grrl

        THANK YOU! I love it and am seriously thinking of a hair tattoo since I can’t have nice hair any more!

    • Salome

      Why do I feel sick???

    • Alice

      You do know that she had cancer right? I think the head tattoo is great she is an incredibly brave, amazing woman.