Horribly Offensive T-Shirts For Girls

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    • porkchop

      Tell me that “Future Trophy Wife” one is fake! That is worst thing I’ve ever seen.

      • Fatima


    • Ellen W.

      The “I had a nightmare I was a brunette” one amuses me because I have nightmares about being a blonde. I think it’s about loss of control over ones identity. But it’s still pretty damn offensive to say on a t-shirt.

    • Lisa

      If the decisions one wasn’t gender-specific, I’d totally buy it.

    • Eileen

      I’ll admit that I own the “my boyfriend” one. In my defense, it was my aunt’s, and she gave it to me when she got pregnant. It’s way more inappropriate on a married, pregnant woman in her 40s than on a single 16-year-old girl.

    • K

      I work at a math tutoring center and live with two of the women I work with. We have definitely contemplated getting the David and Goliath t-shirt that says “I’m too pretty to do math.” and then all wearing them on the same day. Our boss would shit himself, but, unfortunately, some of our students would try to use it as an excuse not to do math.

      • sigh

        I remember (cue rocking chair) when full-grown women like Kathleen Hanna started wearing shirts like these, it was so biting and awesome because they were exactly the opposite of everything those women were and stood for. Which is why, K, if you and your math-tutoring coworkers wore them it would be funny.

        But on children, it might as well say “I have cripplingly low self-esteem” and that simply is not awesome or funny. Except maybe the baby with tasseled pasties. That might still be funny.

    • Tammy

      I can agree with you but I kinda liked the one that says “who needs brains when you got these” lol

    • Ninargh

      I had a job working in IT support a while back and wore t-shirts like this for a while, but being surrounded with men that consistently doubted my abilities with computers (due to my tits, of my youth or whatever bullshit) the amusingly ironic look was quickly cut.

    • woo

      I used to have a “Blondes have more fun, but brunettes can read” t shirt that I wore to family events with my (incredibly aryan and passive aggressive) inlaws. I was the only ‘darkie’ (as they called me) in the lot. Still, I have since cut that t shirt up to use as cleaning rags!

    • Cassieleigh

      there’s offensive and then there’s funny. I think if you’re old enough to determine what these shirts actually mean then they should only be seen as funny not offensive. I’m horribly offended by the little girls shirts though.

    • kish

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