• Mon, Sep 12 2011

The Editors Discuss: How Great Is The Real Life Russian Barbie Doll?!

You guys know about the Russian Barbie doll by now, right? Well, basically she is a Russian woman who wants to be a Barbie doll, but real! Editors Jennifer Wright and Ashley Cardiff must decipher the secret messages transmitted by this alien lifeform before she takes over the world by looking totally adorbz!

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  • Goldie

    It’s not just me, right? Her eyeballs are proportionally larger than normal, like a doll’s. How do they enlarge eyeballs??!! Or is that just a brilliant optical illusion?? That’s what’s driving me crazy about this woman, not the complex self-image issues.

    • Fabel

      She might be wearing those weird circle contact lenses? That’s what I thought when I saw the pictures of her– here’s a link for reference if it’ll let me post: http://www.lenscircle.com/

    • Goldie

      Phew! That’s totally it. Thanks, that was freaking me out.

  • Abigail

    I think she’s gorgeous. Jennifer: I’ll be the other person in your threesome! : ) I think it’s a bit odd, aspiring to be a Barbie doll, but after all, who doesn’t love a Barbie doll? : )

  • Megan

    I want to see “before” pictures. Plastic surgery makes a lot of people look like Joan Rivers; this girl looks a bit fake but not bad at all.

    And better if she lost the Lego hair bangs and the weird doll eyelashes.

  • Chickalupe

    “Is that a venn diagram in your skirt or are you just excited to start learning?” is what I will be saying for the next week, much to my own amusement. :D

    When you guess do these ‘Editors Discuss’ columns, it is my absolute favorite and I pretty much die laughing a lot!

    • Ashley Cardiff

      Thank you!

  • Holly

    Her weirdly sectioned stomach pieces on the last photo remind me of when the boy played Tic Tac Toe on the dragon’s belly in Pete’s Dragon. I suppose that would make the boy Pete.

    • Ashley Cardiff

      This comment FTW.

  • sigh

    Really, a Barbie doll? Haven’t we, as an image-obsessed culture, found some impossible, unhealthy standard of beauty beyond the Barbie doll? Does it ALWAYS have to be fucking Barbie?

  • http://atheaterofone.tumblr.com/ Danielle

    I think she looks totally cute. I ended my war on Barbie once those horrendous Bratz dolls came out.

  • designer-couturecom

    Sleazy Barbie ? No thanks.

  • Austen

    Love, love, love your comments! Especially the ones about Dostoevsky; those made me laugh harder than I have in weeks. <3 Never stop being so fantastically funny.

  • Alanna

    Her abs though. I want them, but on me, obviously. She’s totally achieved her goal but damn, that must have been a lot of work.

  • miinxi

    how old is this girl?

  • Meghan

    Why is she wearing a bra in the shower? Also, I’m pretty sure she would disintegrate if she got wet.

  • Florian Schmid

    This is awesome! I hope this catches on.

  • kim

    OMGGGG this is possibly the funniest running commentary about a crazily fake woman I have ever seen!! I love the way that instead of just attacking her for being fake you make interesting remarks. Rib-thing is the best tho!! Omg Im at work and I think I genuinely scared customers with my crazed laughing!

  • Nadia

    She’s cute, but not very Barbie-like imo.

    • vera

      Agreed. She just looks like Paris Hilton.

  • K Minto

    Omg, you are two funny ladies!!!!!!! I could’ve died at slide three with the Dostoevsky observations, but your commentary on all the slides slayed!!!!!!!