Poll: Have You Ever Boned On An Airplane?

Well, this is awkward. According to Slate, a couple made a flight crew nervous this past weekend when they spent too much time together in the bathroom, ahem, and the result was that the plane had to be escorted back to its airport of origin by two fighter jets.

As it turned out, the couple was indeed just boning, not plotting to take the plane down. But what with the heightened sense of threat because of the 9/11 anniversary, their lovemaking turned quickly into abject humiliation.

One more time: fighter jets.

The author of the Slate post, Brian Palmer, goes on to note that in times gone by, getting your freak on aboard an aircraft was literally met with celebration — flight attendants may even have awarded you champagne and a cigarette and welcomed you to the mile-high club (it’s so Don Drapes, isn’t it?). Well, those days are long gone (you wouldn’t be able to bring your bottle of lube onto the flight anyway, let’s be real) but in the magic, carefree pre-9/11 days — or even after, for you hardcore sexaholics out there — have you ever gotten busy in an airplane bathroom?

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • Jinx

      With myself, yes.

    • Abigail

      My husband is a pilot and we still haven’t. Think of the germs!!

    • Nicole

      Yes, but only so we could say we had. It was stupid.

      • jill


    • Emmie

      My fiance is a pilot, so yes…we’ve had all kinds of fun in the air!

    • Niki

      i question the sanity of anyone who could still manage to be turned on while stuffing themselves and another human being into that sardine can of an airplane bathroom.

      have you SEEN those things lately? .. much less smelled them, for that matter. gross.