Good Lord, Look At Christina Hendricks’ Cleavage

Did anyone else watch Firefly? If not, you should have, it was a show about space cowboys, you would have really liked it. Anyhow, there’s this one – actually two! – episodes wherein Christina Hendricks comes onboard the ship and every single male character falls in love with her. And while I watched it, at the time, remember this was 2002, long before Christina Hendricks was Christina Hendricks, I thought “you know, they’re overplaying that a little bit. I mean, yes, that red-head certainly is beautiful, but I’m not buying that suddenly OMG EVERYONE LOVES HER. She’s not even really the prettiest woman on the show, (on that note, what is Morena Baccarin doing lately? Good stuff, I hope!) let alone the prettiest woman in the entire galaxy.” And it surprised me, because it seemed like a sloppy move for such an excellent show.

So, anyhow, I was young and foolish, I guess. This was how. I mean, Jesus Christ.

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    • Jamie Peck

      It is weird that I kind of like it when I can see the veins in boobs?

      • Baker Girl

        No … means they are real! and those things are the only boobies on the face of the Earth that make me have boobie envy … they are wonderful.

      • Sara B.

        No way are those real.

      • Lo

        They’re most probably real, but squished into a really unnatural shape. I’m not talking about cleavage; she’s pressed them into weird oblongs. Christina Hendricks, you have enough boob to get killer cleavage without doing that.

    • Nikki

      I think she was actually prettier in that second episode she was in, but I totally agree with you about her in the first one. Morena Baccarin is actually in that show V, idk if it’s still on but that’s the only thing I’ve seen her in since.

      Btw, this is my first comment on here and it’s all thanks to Firefly! <3

    • Jimjam

      Looks like a butt.

    • Steph

      Oh my. All I can think of is how painful that would be on her back. Either way, they are beautiful.

    • Amy

      FIREFLY!!! Love, love, loved that show. Back before Nathan Fillion was Castle he was the hottest space cowboy ever (and I love how Castle still does the occasional shout-out to Firefly fans! (the space cowboy halloween outfit! lol)). I did think Christina was v hot on that show – she had that badass sexy thing going. Morena still had it over her though, I can’t believe she cut off all her beautiful hair for V!

      That cleavage is a really extreme (lovely though) and her boobs definitely weren’t that massive in Firefly (but she was thinner then).

      • Ninargh

        I thought she looked AMAZING as Anna in V! I was initially horrified when she cut off all her hair, but she’s totally pulling it off – I adore her look in V, very structured and professional ice-queen-bitch. I model my business wardrobe on that look :D

    • Kate

      She’s wearing a foundation garment. It’s the only way to keep those puppies in check.

    • Chanella


    • Renae

      Men on the Firefly:
      Shepard Book- He’s celibate, definitely not in love with Saffron.
      Mal- He was trying to get rid of her. Not in love with her, but he thought she was pretty and was tempted when she got naked in front of him.
      Jayne- Jayne just wanted to sleep with her.
      Wash- He loved Zoe very much. He thought Saffron was pretty but knew Zoe would kill him (literally) if he cheated.
      Simon- He was in love with Kaylee.