• Tue, Sep 13 2011

Things I Imagine Nicki Minaj And Anna Wintour Discussed At Carolina Herrera

So, this happened. Top MC and all-around fabulous person Nicki Minaj sat next to Anna Wintour at the Carolina Herrera show, and they interacted. What did the unlikely pair of fashion-loving ladies talk about? Let’s play a game of Imagination.

(Via iamboigenius)

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  • miinxi


  • Eve

    Haha, awesome. I love “I am a vampyre.”

  • Tammy

    No offense. I love Nicki’s music but her fashion is not like Gaga that I really adore. Must be about fashion they are talking about.

  • Stacy

    They are talking maybe about celebrities caught cheating and other gossips in Hollywood.

  • Marie

    I think they are talking about vintage tiffany rings they collect.

  • Blah

    Anna Wintour asked how she keeps the wig on her head during sexy time

  • Kerry Ireland

    I think they are talking about where to head on a vacation? Places like kerry ireland maybe.