• Wed, Sep 14 2011

Retro Snap: Do You Recognize This Very Famous Designer?

I mean, probably not, right?

Because she’s had a shit  ton of plastic surgery. This is Donatella Versace, back in the 90′s.

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  • Shannon

    Is it just me or does she bare a striking resemblance to Val Kilmer??

    • Lauren

      It’s not you. That’s who I thought it was before I read the title of the article.

  • Fatima

    Val Kilmer, yes, but I still think she looked better then than she does now. Geez, plastic surgery will eff you up.

  • Marjorie

    Donatella Versace! What prize do I win?!?

  • corissia

    The 90s! She had that much work done in, well, I guess around 20 years. It seems less dramatic when I type it out, talk about anti-climatic. I’d have assumed it was earlier.