Poll: Do You Think Men Are Happier Than Women?

I am looking at this chart and it is stressing me out. It seems to indicate that men are happier at work and at home. Needless to say, I am confused, because if you’re a man, the only accessory you can wear without looking like a jerk is a thin gold wedding band and a watch. A reasonable watch. Not like a Batman themed watch (women wearing watches with pictures of Batman on the dial are commonly acknowledged to the be coolest). So! This study. Does it match up with your totally biased perception on the world? I just thought I’d check in with you.

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • Lo

      Maybe. Depends on the area. The persistent importance of gender pisses me off – we’ve just about got our heads around the idea that equality things should be happening, but they’re happening too slowly.

      Related problem: women entering the masculine* world are seen as aspirational; men in the feminine** world are seen as degrading themselves. There’s not enough of a swap going on.

      *There is not really a terrifying man-world. Gender labelling strikes again.
      ** Ditto.

    • Lisa

      My serious comment: If you count all the women who don’t live in first-world countries, well, their lives contain many more hours of labor, and much less dignity, than women in, say, the U.S. or Sweden. It’s genuinely hard to be born a woman in many areas of the world.

      My less serious comment: in that chart you linked to, is the section on how free time is spent referring to men or men and women? Because if men take 11% more time out of their lives for sex than women do… who are they having sex with? I’m gonna guess each other or themselves. :)

    • Jinx

      Depression rates are twice as high in women than men.