A Human Face On A Dress: How Do You Feel?

Lots of different patterns are regularly used to fashion dresses, shirts and even slacks. Sometimes they’re simple, with stripes or polka dots or solids. Sometimes they get a little crazy, with small animals or large florals.

But only the bold choose to rock a very realistic painting of a human face splashed across their torso. And not in an ironic, “Free Winona” kind of way. In a Renaissance painting, creepily realistic, double-take-to-make-sure-there-isn’t-a-parasite-on-your-chest kind of way.

Yet that’s just what model-turned-actress Lily Cole did last night at the Toronto Film Festival premiere of her new movie, “The Moth Diaries.” There’s somethiing about the way the face fades into the background color, how close it is to Cole’s face, and frankly, how much it resembles Cole’s face, that makes the whole thing feel awkward to me.

What about you? How do you feel?

[via HuffPo]

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    • Fabel

      I was ambivalent until I read your description, ick. Now all I can think is that there’s a creepy parasite face emerging from her ribs.

    • Jill

      It’s a section of Paul Delarouche’s The Execution of Lady Jane Grey, 1833. Not that makes it less creepy.

    • matbo

      I’ve always hated the notion of t-shirts with other women printed on them.. Why would I want to wear a shirt with the print of a woman that is prettier than me? Not to sound vain, but it doesn’t exactly do anything good for me…

      • Kelly

        Same here! I hate shirts with faces on them. It’s like you have two faces. Or are two people. I don’t know. It’s just weird.

    • andria

      tacky wearing the artist rendition of a judical murder.