Best Response To The Assertion That Megan Fox Is Now Curvy

Let me open this by saying that I have nothing against Megan Fox. In fact, much like Diablo Cody, I tend to think that she is wonderfully strange, but that Hollywood (curse you, Hollywood) stifles her strangeness because she’s so hot (by the way, if you’ve never watched any of Cody’s Red Band Trailer interviews, you should).

However, one thing that Megan Fox is not is curvy. Fox made headlines recently for saying that she decided to gain some weight after getting too skinny on a vegan diet. Well, Us Weekly took this announcement and ran with it, calling Fox curvy in a recent article. Naturally, the internet had a field day, because Fox is actually still kind of beanpole-ish, and one person went so far as to create this clever mash-up:

Point made.

[via Buzzfeed]


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    • Sara

      ‘Curvy’ pretty much means not being straight up and down, having boobs and a bum which Megan Fox has. The only reason you don’t think of her as ‘curvy’ is because the word has been taken over to describe larger ladies in a positive way… most of the time people say ‘curvy’ now, they mean rotund or spherical.

    • Benita

      Megan Fox is curvy: nice breasts and a cute ass.

      I hate that curvy is now the go to term for larger women, a woman can be thin and curvy.

      • Amanda Gun

        Yes yes yes! Curvy means hourglass-shaped, which you can be at size 0 or size 18. Plenty of both skinny and fat women are curvy, plenty of both skinny and fat women are not.

        I get the desire to have another term for it than “fat,” which sounds negative and shaming. If I was fat and proud of my body I wouldn’t want to use a word which immediately calls to mind sloppiness, laziness etc. I just hate that they had to take over my word! I’m curvy in the original sense, i.e. high waist-hip ratio and more boobage than many, and it makes me sad that nowadays when I describe my body type I sound like I’m trying to downplay my weight.

        In short, I real mad.

      • MM

        That sounds pretty traumatic, Amanda.

      • Niki

        god forbid you have to share a word with the overweight to describe your ample bosom and booty. my heart weeps for you, truly. your life must be so hard.

      • Amanda Gun

        Wow, darling, I’m so sorry for offending your sensibilities. If I had known I would hurt your feelings I would absolutely have tried to phrase it differently!

        I still do feel that words mean things, though. Otherwise in about camera run floor.

      • Fabel

        I’m with Amanda here, words do mean things & the practice of using “curvy” to describe larger women is skewing the true meaning of the word. It’s not so much “ew, I have to share this word with overweight women?” it’s that the word itself loses meaning when used as a euphemism.

    • CJ

      I slightly disagree. Megan Fox may have some curves…now…but saying she’s curvy is a bit much. I would consider women like Scarlet Johansson and Reese Witherspoon. And by NO means am I saying that they are big or fat by using that word.

    • Megan

      Thank you for the full-length of Christina Hendricks. Damn. Just…damn.

    • avb

      uhhh no. marilyn monroe was curvy. jessica simpson is curvy. sophia vergara is curvy. megan fox is just not anorexic-looking anymore, but that doesn’t mean she’s curvy. remember, bras and spanx do wonders on the red carpet. they can lift and accentuate in just the right places, but at the end of the day, it’s all smoke and mirrors

    • Michael

      Megan has put on weight, but her body is thin overall. She is small up the top, however she does have big hips. But I do hate how most women these days describe themselves as “curvy” when the are in fact large overweight women.