• Fri, Sep 16 2011

Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett Record Pointless Version Of “Lady Is A Tramp”

Here is a thing: Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga (who appears to be rocking that suddenly visible Spring 2012 blue hair trend?) have recorded a duet of show tune standard “The Lady Is A Tramp.” Gaga’s voice sounds fine (if not a little Christina Aguilera-y/needlessly melismatic) and then they start scatting together and never once justify why they are doing this. Then again, Tony Bennett gots to get paid.

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  • Eileen

    I think Tony Bennett’s doing a bunch of lame cover duets at the moment…I know I heard him with Mariah Carey a few days ago.

  • Erin

    I heard his duets with Michael Buble and Amy Winehouse. I think I like this Gaga-duet best. Lame scatting aside, I enjoyed it, and it sounds like the two of them were actually having a lot of fun recording it.

    It’s also cool to hear Lady Gaga singing something classic. Shows that she really does have a good voice underneath all the electronic music and crazy outfits.