American Apparel Has Sudden Change Of Heart About Contest Winner Nancy Upton

So, this is amusing. After their bitchy, logically fallacious open letter to Nancy Upton failed to get the sympathetic response they’d been hoping for, American Apparel has done an abrupt about face and decided to fly the plucky satirist to Los Angeles after all. Not to model their new XL clothing, mind you (which I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t want to do anyway), but to tour the company and whatnot. (I’m not going to call the XL clothing “plus size” because it still only fits a 12-14, and the average American woman wears her “apparel” in a size 14).

According to Nancy’s blog, the very same creative director who wrote the bitchy letter has since called her on the phone and invited  her to come out to LA:

I spoke with Iris Alonzo on the phone yesterday. She has graciously offered to fly Shannon and me out to LA to visit American Apparel and get a look at what it’s really like being inside the company.

I agreed, as long as I could write about what I saw. She said that would be fine.

I guess it was smart of them to finally recognize that one of their “haters” had a valid point, but what do they think is going to happen now? Do they think that showing Nancy their clean, sustainable LA factory, gifting her some XL t-shirts, and maybe buying her some ribs is going to cause her to tearfully apologize and say she was wrong, all wrong about them? Is Nancy going to give the woman who just recently implied she does not “truly exemplify the idea of beauty inside and out” a chance to show what a kind, accepting soul she is? Will Dov Charney try to dicknotize her over to the dark side with his magical member of doom? Who even knows anymore?!

One thing’s for certain: those scrunchie wearing Poindexters have recognized Nancy Upton’s satire (and their reaction to said satire) as a very real threat to their brand’s public image, and are doing their darnedest to try to neutralize it.

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    • porkchop

      Good luck Nancy!

      If it were me, I’d be like, Sorry ladies, I lost that contest. We’re through.

    • jorge fernandez

      Wow, too bad AA caved in. I happen to agree with them. She is just looking for publicity, good intentions, bad execution. If she would have done it in a more elegant way I would have had respect for what she did. But, one bad deed does not deserve another. I hope she enjoys her 15 minutes of fame.

      You can be chubby and fabulous, you can be overweight and sexy, you can be beatiful and plus size, none of these are mutually exclusive, but you cant be chubby and trailer trash, that does not go well together.

      Too bad, she missed an opportunity. AA is just doing now what any respectible corporation would do, trying to save a bad PR event. I would do the same thing, but the “meeting” is not sincere on either size, so once again, opportunity lost.

      This is why one should get external advise before posting pictures on Youtube, FB or any othe media, they are there forever. Lets face it, those pics were not very flatering and she completely missed the point.

      She sounds intelligent on the interview and the message behind what she attempted to do was worth saying, but, really bad execution. Its too bad the public now goes for what is shocking rather than what is “right”, the message gets lost in all the media noise.

    • Bob

      Way to go, Nancy. AA is one of the ickiest companies out there. Check this out for parody on their pedophilia-esque ads:!/search/%23RepublicanMovies/slideshow/videos?