Rumor Mill: Marc Jacobs Kicked Lindsay Lohan Out Of His Afterparty

"Who needs human lips?"

There was a time when Lindsay Lohan showing up meant your nightclub/event space/opium den was super buzzy and that many marginal reality television stars would follow in her glittery wake. Alas, it would seem the Lohan name is now as brand-diminishing as “Snooki” or “Dancing With the Stars contestant–”.

We took notice last night when WWD tweeted that LiLo had showed up to the Marc Jacobs afterparty and then, minutes later, tweeted she had abruptly left. …Which sounded unusual, much less for Lohan, who usually takes the time to fall over or exhibit violence when she arrives places.

We weren’t the only one to suspect something odd. The Observer‘s party reporter Nate Freeman claims Lohan was ejected, and never should have made it that far in the first place. This was all of one night after the surreal-sounding V party, where Lohan allegedly threw a full drink (and drew blood) at a photographer for having the audacity to take a photo. You’d think, if Lohan hated having her picture taken, she wouldn’t have shown up to fashion week.

In the past, the irreverent Jacobs has never had a problem associating with troubled or kitschy starlets, but he may be more worried than usual about his public image: after all, Lindsay Lohan isn’t very Dior.

[UPDATE: The Cut places Lohan at the scene for much longer than WWD's 6 minutes]

(via Styleite, WWD Twitter)

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    • scallywag

      One day whilst Lilo is boarding her plane en route to her one way trek to the North Pole she will wonder and reflect how did she actually manage to throw it away? But at that moment Santa Claus will appear and offer the starlet a gift wrapped camera which upon Lilo will turn upside down to check for a hidden compartment for Tequila before tossing it into the abyss shamelessly crying that ‘if only the world had understood her….’

    • Rachel

      ‘Who needs human lips?’ lol

      Im so tired of Lindsay Lohan! She’s such a waste of celebrity I wish she would do more than be the most annoying person on the planet. If she had such problems with people taking her picture why does she walk around making a spectacle of herself? I can’t wait til she officially violates her probation and goes to jail forever. & while I’m on this rant I will add, if your parents were Dina & Michael Lohan wouldn’t you want more from our life than to end up like them?

    • val

      BURNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!! How embarrassing.

    • G

      “Had showed up” should be “had shown up.”