Will You Take Part In Scarlett Johanssoning?

If you’re wondering whether this is what it sounds like it might be, the answer is yes.

In response to the nude pics of Scarlett Johansson that hit the internet this week, people have begun taking copycat photos of themselves and posting them online. They’re calling it #ScarlettJohanssoning.

Most of the pictures are of the ass-reflected-in-the-mirror variety, and the quality of the amateur models frankly makes me wonder if I missed the memo in which it was announced that everyone in the world has a staggeringly great ass now. If so, I’ve since been clued in.

[via Buzzfeed]

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    • Debbie

      Love the sink area in pic #7!

      • Kaylaandrena

        Me too!!

    • anonymouse

      me3. leave it to a buncha chicks to notice the decor more than the asses

    • August S.

      Medical gown guy is the greatest. “Hey there, I’m just hanging out in a hospital, looking totally chill; what’s that in the mirror? That’s a surprise ass-shot! Gotcha!”

    • Jacklyn

      Everyone has like a perfect ass. Damn you all.

    • Carolyn

      omg love hospital gown guy!!!!!!

    • ash

      these pictures make me want to go to the gym *continues to eat chips and watch true blood*

    • Stoney

      So cool. Nothing wrong with a little skin. This just shows just how overrated celebrity skin is. Instead of making “a scandal” out of Ms. Johansson’s pics, everyone should just admire her lovely idea.

    • lee
    • jr

      Some of you didn’t get it – you’re supposed to be naked.

    • Ina BeautyGirl

      wow….so nice!!!