Gallery: The 2011 Emmy Awards’ Red Carpet

The 63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards have occurred! We’ll run best and worst lists soon (spoiler: nobody looked really, incredibly awful? is that possible?) but for now, here’s a pretty complete gallery. …By complete, I mean, you will see all the dresses but will not have to endure 40 slides of the same exact tuxedo on every male attendee. Thank me later! Anyhow, Katie Holmes, Gwyneth Paltrow, Glee stars, Mad Men women, Kate Winslet and, of course, Paz de la Huerta ahead…

UPDATE: Our picks for 10 Best Dressed here.

UPDATE II: Our picks for 10 Worst Dressed here.

(All images via Getty)

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    • August S.

      “Bobby, you left your Jane Krakowski out in the sun too long again! I swear, you’ve already ruined your Snookie and your Katie Price, which was imported; this is the LAST time young man!”

      • Ashley Cardiff

        I didn’t even recognize her on account of that skintone.

        Is that what happens when you give birth?

    • niamh

      Oh Paz, you so crazy. Mess. Zooey’s also looking a bit mental with her big staring eyes. Anna Faris, however, looks incredible! Such an amazing dress! Overall, well done ladies of Hollywood, you all did just what your stylists said to do.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Solid A to this comment.