OH SNAP: Tim Gunn Says Kirstie Alley Is No Size 4

Kirstie Alley took a much-hyped turn down the runway at the Zang Toi  show during New York Fashion Week, and during the maelstrom of media attention that followed, it was repeatedly reported that Alley is now a size four.

But one man isn’t buying it, and that man is Tim Gunn. In a recent interview on radio station 98.7, the “Project Runway” star called the size claim into question. According to the New York Daily News:

“There is a phenomenon out there right now that I call the lying deceptive shell game of vanity sizing,” Gunn, 58, said… “In fact, a 4 is really a 6 or an 8.”


Granted, we’ve all known women who buy clothes that they have to shove their stomachs into just so that they can lay claim to a particular size, and maybe Alley is one of those women. Or maybe, this is how we find out that Tim Gunn is secretly a total hater.

What do you think?

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    • Eileen

      Vanity sizing isn’t about shoving your stomach in. It’s about how all my pants are size six, but dressmaker’s patterns have me at fourteen. Remember this the next time someone brings up Marilyn Monroe. Sizes just keep getting bigger.

      • Celine

        This. Exactly.

        People get outraged on my behalf when I measure in at a 12-14 in actual dressmakers’ patterns. This does nothing for me but highlight the realities of vanity sizing and its effect on my contemporaries.

        They are all “OMG YOU can’t POSSIBLY be a 14, that is BULLSHIT pattern makers are MEANIES!!!” But really it’s that pattern makers are consistent, and off the rack clothing makers are liars (who sell a lot of jeans.)

    • Rachel

      I kind of appreciate Tim Gunn being honest like that. I think it sets so many women up for disappointment and frustration when Kristy Alley (who looks great no matter the size number) claims to be a size 4. She isn’t. And when a woman that looks just like Kristy Alley tries to squeeze herself into a size 4 in some store’s dressing room and then feels fat and sad, that’s just unfair.

      We all have to buy clothes, and they all come with sizes on them. So when the media is trying to convince us that Kristy Alley is a size 4, and we walk into Gap and can’t squeeze one thigh into a pair of size 6 curvy-style jeans, it just kills your self image.

      What wrong with being a really sexy, in shape size 8?

    • cassie

      he’s a hater. she looks gorgeous in those photos, whatever size she’s at.

    • Maris

      I’m 5’8″, around 145lbs, and have dresses in my closet ranging from sizes 2-8…which all fit exactly the same. While it’d be nice to believe that I truly was a size 2, I can’t help but wonder WHAT PLANET ARE WE LIVING ON when I’m a size 2?!

    • Katie

      Tim, I love you. I really do. But first saying that Hillary Clinton has “gender confusion,” and now this? Thin ice, my love.