The Editors Discuss: How Great Is Paz de la Huerta?

So, by now you now that the 2011 Emmy Awards happened last night and boy was Paz de la Huerta there. The Boardwalk Empire star and red carpet maniac drew a lot of derision for her gray lipstick and towering bouffant, but editors Jennifer Wright and Ashley Cardiff are going to try and figure out what happened.

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    • Goldie

      I think it looks like she’s wearing black-face, but for zombies. So, zombie-face. Every post I’ve seen about this talks about the dress or the hair and I’m like, wait– where is all the ZOMBIE OUTRAGE? Maybe there just aren’t enough zombie fashion critics because I know if I were a zombie I would be deeply offended.

    • MM

      The red carpet is full of these perfectly coiffed mannequin types and this woman shows up with visible dark circles, grey lipstick and a dirty rat’s nest of hair. I have to hand it to her…she really does not give a fuck.