Poll: So If You Had A Red-Headed Baby, Would You Just Drown It? Or What?

I never really believed Patti Stanger’s statement that red-heads were undesirable until I realized that no one wants ginger babies. This is all evidenced by the fact that the world’s largest sperm bank (Cryos) would like you to keep your red-headed sperm to yourself. The agency director claimed:

“We have nothing against red-haired donors. Our stock is about to explode. We have just too many on stock in relation to the demand for the time being.”

So, polite lies. Still! I am confused about why red-heads are the worst (see above picture, also, she is beautiful on the inside) but I’m just going to go with it and ask you the kind of questions that are relevant to this situation.

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • Jamie Peck

      One fun fact about me is that I like gingers. Sexually, I mean. I lost my v to a readhead and my first serious bf was one as well. (Still is, as far as I know.) SOMEONE HAS TO LOVE THEM.

    • Lindsey

      Christina Hendricks is actually a blonde. Of course her dyed hair is going to be flattering, I’m sure she pays enough for it.

      Of course one would love one’s child regardless of the way he or she looked, even if it was an awful ginger color.

    • Helena

      I’m a ginger and my greatest wish is to have little ginger babies. Oh yeah.

    • Ella Mode

      This was kind of mean. I recognize that you’re joking and mocking people who might actually feel close to this way, but then they were no really supportive poll options, so I started to worry about your true views. I didn’t vote.

      I’m Irish. If I had a kid, there’s a chance he or she could be redheaded. I love my heritage. I’ve never felt sexually attracted, but what do I care if my KID has fire crotch? I am not gonna date my kid! LOL. My red-headed cousin is the ginger Justin Timberlake, so I know he does alright with the ladies. These things don’t really matter in the end.

      Now, as for my soul mate, he digs red heads. It makes me jealous, but I’m not gonna hate my kid. I know he doesn’t want her either. LOL.

      Sorry if this was a bit gross (“kid dating”) – but the “we don’t like our kids that way, duh” response, I think, is a deserving one. Sure, I would want my babies to be popular and loved, but not sluts, so I don’t mind a LITTLE loneliness. Haha.

      But what do I know? I’m a childfree kind of gal, anyway.

      Btw, please tell the site owners to block the INSANELY LOUD video ads. RRRRR! (Also, the bottom left can get annoying. It just slowed down my typing when animation happened.)

    • Laura

      I believe that gingerism is the most socially accepted form of prejudice out there. It is also possibly the funniest.

    • Jinx

      I ADORE redheads and have been dating one for years.

    • Jennifer

      I feel as if this question should have included a gender clause. Raising a ginger girl would be much easier than raising a ginger boy. Compare the societal projections of say, Christina Hendricks (even though she’s not a true red head, she consciously made that choice and ROCKS it. And everything things it looks pretty fine on her) vs., say, Carrot Top.

    • Stephanie

      I am happy to report as a ginger-baby and brunette-dyed-redhead-adult, I hope and pray for a redheaded baby daughter one day! ….it’s just that no one wants a ginger SON.

      • Crimson Wife

        In my family, all the redheads in recent generations have been males (my son, my brother, and my grandfather) and they all get compliments on their hair. My redheaded brother has always gotten more attention from the ladies than my other brother, who has mousy brown hair.

      • Scott

        Stephanie, I am a ginger son and you are right no one wanted me.

    • Meg_O

      I happen to be the proud mom of a ginger BOY! He comes from a long line of gingers, men and women. And although I’m assuming this article was supposed to be humorous, it’s really not.

      • Crimson Wife

        I agree! I’m thrilled that one of my children inherited my grandfather’s red hair. I suspected that I was a carrier since my brother is a redhead as well. But even though my DH is Irish, there hadn’t been red hair in his family back as far as anyone could remember. So we were pleasantly surprised that our 2nd child got the red hair. Brown eyes as well, which really is a striking combo.

    • Eileen

      I never understood this whole “gingers suck” thing until I got to college (until I got to college, I never called them “gingers.”) Where did it come from? Is it a South Park thing? I’m still confused.

    • Mel

      What if it’s because the women are afraid people will always wonder what redhead she had sex with to get this cute redhead baby versus a brown haired brown eyed dude, which could be anyone.

      People are WEIRD, y’all.

    • Rally

      There are such few redheads compared to brunette and blondes. It makes total sense that if people are opting to go to the sperm bank and look at options, they’d choose ones similar to themselves. So if there are fewer redheads in the world, there are fewer redheads looking for sperm bank donors, and there is less need for redhead sperm. Common sense! Who could hate a ginger?

    • Megan

      I also like the redheads. And the orangeheads.

      My kid has strawberry blonde hair, and auburn runs on my dad’s side. With his blue eyes, you better believe I’m hoping he gets that auburn!

      Also, who among us would not bang Ron Weasley given the chance? If you say no, you’re lying. You just are.

    • Fran

      honestly… its just hair! I have alopecia, half the time i don’t even have hair. i don’t get the stigma about redheads AT ALL. their hair is red so what.

    • Courtney

      The author of this poll, is your name Jennifer! You clearly have issues and are a vey jealous woman! I have had nothing but compliments and enzy for my red hair both living in Australia and also in England. I would love ginger babies.
      Save the gingers I say and let me guess the author of this shameful poll that you have very common and very plain and boring brown or blonde hair?? I would much prefer to stand out in a crowd than look the same as everyone else!

      • Kt Marchbanks

        lol I agree. My husband is a ginger & adore him, I too would love to have ginger babies.

    • Childhater By Choice

      I personally wouldn’t care if the kid was redhead or not. If I was cursed with any type of offspring I’d throw it off a cliff anyway.

      “I’m not racist… I hate everyone equally”


      as I have stated the obvious I am and I love it do you girl have a problem with the most rarest type of people on this planet… Because it seems you think vary little to nothing at all of these unique people. I was born 1/4 Irish, french, Italian &… English so ya. I am a mix of many. I also have the hidden red hair gene it comes out in me on my face in my beard so ya. I just had to say something about myself and wonder why people that are not red head would think they are better than a red head or taht for some reason red heads have genetic problems when in reality they have the opposite. Most do anyway

    • Kt Marchbanks

      I love redheads. I adore my redheaded husband more than anything in the world & more than anything I want to bare red headed children with him. I just wanted to say red heads shouldnt be shunned upon, their rare & should be noticed more! Their the unique of the human race. GO RED HEADS!!!

    • Charlotte

      This poll is absolutely disgusting.

    • Mary

      AOL has left this hateful poll up for 186 days. 186 days, children could see this and be adversely influenced by it. How many children will harm themselves, or others, or have crushed self-esteem, because of the hate speech AOL is promoting?

      Really, red-haired people should file a class action lawsuit against AOL and the media.

      btw, I think red hair is beautiful, and media types are just jealous.

    • Stephy

      Rita Hayworth did her hair red and married
      A prince and lived happily..

    • Mama to a Red Head

      I have a red headed baby and absolutely LOVE the colour! I wish I was lucky enough to have such a gorgeous shade and hope any future children I have are just as lucky. My little one gets compliments all the time and I love it!

    • redhead in middle school

      I have red hair and get teased all the time. I just want people out there to know that I love my hair because it makes me stand out, and is beautiful in general. I would love to have red headed kids, and if you were to hurt your child because they have red hair, then you should be ashamed of yourself. Personally, I think red headed children are cutest. Exactly what am I supposed to get out of this poll? Are you trying to make people feel bad? I am only twelve, you haters. Is it wrong to say go to hell?