Check Out Marion Cotillard’s Campaign For Miss Dior

Is it just me or does everyone love this woman? Whenever she gets mentioned it’s always, “Oh my god, I love Marion Cotillard, she is the best actress ever.” …I guess that’s because she has great composure and style and is really pretty? People are weird.

Well, someone at LVMH also loves Marion Cotillard (or sees the potential to profit from her endorsement) and now she’s fronting the Fall 2011 campaign for Miss Dior. Here she is, as shot by Mikael Jansson. Scroll down for a few more.

(images via Fashion Gone Rogue)

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    • macalny

      I just saw “Midnight in Paris,” which I loved, and didn’t see anything amazing about her at all. I guess she is pretty, but lots of people are pretty. She was okay as an actress, but lots of people are okay as actresses. People are weird, including me for not getting the hype about her. Obvi.