Natali Germanotta, Gaga’s Little Sister, In Teen Vogue

Lady Gaga, it turns out, is a person, with a family and even a younger sibling. Natali Germanotta is 19 years old, and this month, she’s featured in Teen Vogue.

In the magazine, Germanotta reveals her aspirations to become a fashion designer. She’s enrolled at Parsons, and she designed her own dress for her high school graduations (the same event to which the elder Germanotta wore a rhinestone bodysuit and beekeeper’s veil). Germanotta talks about her close relationship with her sister, who she calls “Stefi,” and the fact that like most people in the world, she would not consider wearing some of what Gaga wears.

Here’s her shoot from the magazine:

All images via Teen Vogue

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    • Fatima

      They’re both hideous