7 Ways I Would Lose My Virginity Differently

I was 18 and couldn’t wait to lose it. It was weighing more than the freshmen five weighed on my hips. And then, before I knew it, it was all over. Here today, deflowered tomorrow. Lord knows if I could do it all over I would. There are so many things I would change. Who wouldn’t? Losing your virginity is often awkward, disappointing, unfulfilling and painful.

Here are the 7 ways I would have lost it differently…

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    • porkchop

      Yes, at the end of the day, it’s all James Cameron’s fault.

      I have to disagree with your about how un-Titanic like your boy’s twin bed was, with the roommates on the other side of the door. This is so hooking-up-in-steerage it’s not even funny. All you needed was to imagine Billy Zane sneering,

      “Your exertions below decks were no doubt exhausting…”

      oh, yeah.

      Also, if Jack Dawson were in modern times, he would probably be a dirty hippy as well. You would have sex on his twin bed and then he would go to Burning Man.

    • Eileen

      I try not to think about losing my virginity, or, at least, I try not to think of it as “losing my virginity” per se. Not because it was particularly bad – it wasn’t, although I somehow doubt there are many other girls out there who lost it doggie-style (their loss) – but “losing your virginity” is supposed to be a big moment, and for me, it really wasn’t. It was just sex. Whatever. There are other men and other nights.

    • Arnie

      I’m possibly A tad strange, in that I almost wish I’d done it sooner, in the back of my van, rather than insisting we waited until we had a bed (I was 18, and we’d been dating nearly five months). That boot was much more spacious than the bed, once you folded down the seats and brought in a mattress and duvet, and we’d spent months fooling around in there doing everything but the actual sexing.

    • jrd

      “I was 18 and couldn’t wait to lose it.”


      • Brandy Alexander

        Because I was horny and wanted to have sex.

    • Magda

      I really don’t see the big deal associated with loosing your virginity. Its never been a big deal to me, but maybe its because i never bought into the whole rainbows, unicorns and fireworks things.

      Sex is just sex. I can’t even say that I regret it because even though the sex was horrible, (Up to that point I had had better dry humping action) it was more because we weren’t a match sexually. I dont think I would change any of it… Well maybe the location. The back seat of a honda isnt the most spacious place to get jiggy with it..

    • Louise

      Well i guess basically it’s feeling of i wish i had never done it and use at a right time. It’s better to choose the right time, right person, and right place to do it. As for me, i’ll always wonder how it’s like to do the deed, but will still keep it till the right moment.