Fashion Icon Daphne Guiness Subsists On Red Bull, Proclaims ‘I’ll Eat When I’m Dead’

Fashion icon and snake-fascinating weirdo Daphne Guinness is famous almost exclusively for showing up places in crazy outfits, but that sprawling couture wardrobe doesn’t do her much good unless she abstains from eating.  The New Yorker profiled here recently and this happened:

Teresa Alfonso, Guinness’s personal assistant, tried to get her to eat some of the pasta that had been prepared for the production team. “If I eat, I can’t work,” Guinness, who had been subsisting on Red Bull and Ensure, said. “I’ll eat when I’m dead.”

And then, some editorializing:

She costumes herself with the bodily rigor that is seen among ballet dancers, whose art depends upon the denial of pain and the mastery of appetite. Even if Guinness insists that her heelless shoes are comfortable, they connote suffering, and render her literally unstable. Her appearance conveys a sense of immense discipline combined with boundless fragility. It is impossible to look at her and not wonder when, in some way or another, she will topple.

This sucks but I almost prefer her candor to “I just have good genes/I’m chasing my infant/I hike occasionally/I eat lean protein and whole grains” and all the other ridiculous shit we hear ad nauseum.

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    • August S.

      You know..I’m not that upset by this. It highlights how true couture usually highlights the clothes themselves, not the woman wearing them– she’s turned herself into a walking coat-hanger to best display the art she loves so much. And she’s not wrong: the type of avant-garde fashion she wears IS created to look best of a near-starvation figure.
      It also helps that the average 14-year-old has no idea who Daphne Guiness is, so it’s not like she’s promoting unhealthy body image to susceptible masses, (e.g. the Kardashian kleanse diet, The Amazing Disappearing Lea Michele!, etc). This is a case of one woman sacrificing herself for her passion. In a way I understand it and almost admire the totality of her commitment, while at the same time recognizing that in no universe could her actions be considered healthy.

    • Winter

      Everything August said. ^ Plus one.

    • Kate

      Slightly terrifying, but she remains quite the enigma.

      Check out her new exhibit at the FIT in New York: