Video: The Evolution Of Womens’ Hair In 4 Minutes

This stop motion video is fantastic, though for a second, it gave me the (insane) false impression that for long periods of history, women were running around naked. This is mostly confusing during the begining of the video, if you forgot everything you ever learnt about history (which is to say, even in the dark ages and the reign of the bad emperors people kept a few clothes on. Fig leaves, mostly). But! How much does the video make you want a jeweled diadem? A lot, or like, Sophie Kinsella “a lot?”

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    • Maris

      Why did it seem to go from Pride & Prejudice to flappers? I NEED MORE.

    • Abigail

      That was SEVERELY lacking. It skipped about a hundred years once or twice, and in the end it went from the 80s to the 2010s with nothing in between, which was awkward.

    • Sally

      so……..the evolution of european women’s hair.

      • taylor

        Exactly right. European.

    • Pia M. Murray

      Umm, I can guarantee my hair never looked like any of those styles, neither did my mother’s or my grandmother’s (and depending which side of the family tree they’re on) my great-grandmother’s or great great grand-mother’s. Maybe further than that there were some caucasian women (my father’s family is on the lighter side). But on my mother’s side, I guarantee you none of our kinks ever did that. For its artistic value this video is pretty cool, but it is far from thorough.

    • Ally

      You guys are so anal about this. I’m sure they weren’t going for complete history of European women’s hair, just more of a general idea. I think the video is neat and artistic.