How To Wear Fishnets Without Looking Like Some Sort Of French Maid Stripper

Some days you wake up and are like “today, I’m going to take off work and be a french maid stripper with my lover who fits all my specifications for that kind of sex game.” Other days are kind of drizzly and you have no clean tights to wear except those fishnets you have left over from the sex games. This is for those days.

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    • Dawn

      Re: keeping your seams straight, the best way to do this is draw them on with waterproof eyeliner pencil!! You absolutely need someone else to do this for you, of course.

      I’d also add: nude, sheer micro-mesh fishnets are my favorite. Way more durable than regular hose, sexy up close, totally professional if someone is more than a foot away. HUE makes them, even in toe-less for wearing with peep toes. Love love love!

    • m

      I agree with Dawn. I get Capezio Nude Fishnets. They last forever and they look amazing without any hint of slutty. My favorite fall accessory.

      • Ellen W.

        And I thonk those are the kind that have regular-tights style soles so ones toes don’t get tangles in them.

    • Danica

      I like to layer fishnets with other stockings, it’s twice as fun. i never tried them with bright blue before, that’s so pretty!

    • Meghan Keane

      Nude fishnets = the best fishnets.

    • Anna

      Slide 6: those are called fence nets, get a clue