Nancy Upton, Rad American Apparel Satirist, Appears On ‘Today Show’

We already love Nancy Upton, the 24-year-old Texas woman who entered a spoof photo set into American Apparel’s condescending plus-size model contest and won. Upton recently penned a piece for the Daily Beast about her decision to enter the contest, and this morning, she appeared on the “Today Show.” Listening to the interview proves that this is one lady who just gets better and better.

When asked by Ann Curry whether she’d consider modeling for the company (she’s flying out to meet with them after a highly public back and forth), Upton replies with the same classiness, intelligence and open-mindedness that she’s exhibited throughout this whole saga.

“The thing with modeling is that I feel like any time you’re gonna put your face or your name on a brand, you really have to agree with, like, the way that company does business,” she said. “And as far as me and American Apparel, I don’t know if that’s a good fit.”

Still, she says, she hopes she can be a positive influence on the company that so badly botched its first attempt to reach out to the plus-size women of the world.

“I’m really excited to talk to these creative directors, and just see what it’s like from a woman’s perspective,” she said, “and maybe being able to offer, like, a different consumer’s, plus-sized perspective.”


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    • Amanda Smith

      Thank you Nancy!!! Its about time someone lets the rest of the world know the truth behind plus sized women. We do not sit on the couch all day stuffing ourselves silly, we just don’t starve ourselves for public acceptance. Big girls can go hiking, play basketball, soccer, and well… Whatever our hearts desire. And sometimes us bigger girls are alot healthier than the skinny girl next door. :-) Thank you for having the courage to send in your spoof photos

    • Lipstick

      American Apparel is without a doubt, a controversial company. But this is ridiculous. They have consistently over the past 15 years chosen models who more closely represented a reasonable standard of beauty. I see no controversy in a company who ALREADY features full figured models in their ads and on their site using a contest calling for thick chicks to promote their new size additions. Miss Upton’s entry into the contest was no more than a projection of her own prejudice and insecurity.

    • Um, no

      Lipstick, when you use phrases like ‘thick chicks’ you demonstrate that you could not possibly understand why AA’s description of their contest (using words like Bootyliscious) would rankle those with even the littlest capacity for empathy.

      Thanks for discrediting yourself. Good day.

      • Lipstick

        Hi Um, No.

        The term “thick” is completely inoffensive unless you find something wrong with being thick in the first place.

        If you really have time to get worked up over the terms like “bootylicious” (nice spelling, by the way) I would suggest putting some of that energy into research; American Apparel keeps their ad archive online.

        As I stated in my previous comment, American Apparel is a company that has consistently chosen models that were not blonde, 6’1 waifs- but rather women who represented a more realistic and diverse standard of beauty.

        Thanks for trying.

    • Shutup

      If you’re fat and insecure, lose the weight and stop bitching. If you’re fat and accept being fat, don’t force the rest of to accept your fatness. I have to sit next to you on the bus and I do not accept your fatness taking up my personal space.

      If a company tries to appeal to your fatness by calling you bootylicious or by holding a contest to celebrate your fatness, don’t play the sensitivity/tolerance card because you can. Instead of investing all of this energy and focus into condemning companies put that investment into a new diet and exercise.

      I am highly insensitive to the issue. I’ve been called skinny my entire life and it was no fun for me. It’s hard for me to keep the weight on. I spend a lot of money to maintain my weight. Fat people spend a lot of money on food to maintain a weight they are unhappy with and then call the rest of us out as pricks for noticing that they’re fat.

    • Fan o fat

      Dear Lipstick,

      I read your comments and I salute you. Thank you for your courage.