Friday Style Icon: Courtney Stodden

17-year-old child bride Courtney Stodden is in the news today for telling reporters that she spent her wedding “aroused for 24 hours straight,” and no, there isn’t a soap that exists for cleansing away this feeling. Anyway, we were reminiscing over Stodden’s childhood (back when she was just 16 and made the music video for her single “Don’t Put It On Me”) and thought to ourselves, “Wow, that monokini is really… really… bright.” And then we knew it: Courtney Stodden would be today’s Style Icon.

Please note that in place of the usual quotations, we’re using her astounding Tweets (taken at random).

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    • Jenny

      Ignoring for a second all the things that are obviously wrong and disturbing about her – What is her fascination with alliteration?

    • Nat

      This is really sad..I mean really she’s just a baby that someone did a piss poor job protecting as a child. The man’s 51 and how old was she when she met him. The whole thing’s disgusting..just saying..

    • Ash

      Why doesn’t she understand how to use adjectives? Oh thats right, she is 16, she should be learning them in school right now.

    • Meghan

      Sexily read the sexy tweets the sexy Courtney Stodden sexily tweeted…she sexily does like the sexy adjective “sexily”, doesn’t she? I’m sexily spreading myself on my sexy bathroom tiles and sexily drenching my sexy toilet sexily in vomit. *BARF* *SEXILY*

      • lucky

        lol ur sexily good at what you just put down u should be famous then that tramp Courtney stodden…she is fucken ugly and needs to kill herself!!

    • Ninargh

      I wish someone would explain to Stodden that sibilance is usually used to indicate sinister undertones – it makes all these tweets even more shudder-worthy than they already are.

      Also, it seems like she’s taken to reading the dictionary, in a (somewhat misguided) attempt at self betterment, but why did she start at the Ss?