Courtney Stodden Has Definitely Had Plastic Surgery, And That’s F-ed Up

The nice people at have unearthed photos of Courtney Stodden at age 15 that seem to contradict her and her mother’s repeated assertions that she has not had any plastic surgery. The above photo, taken while she was competing in the Miss Washington pageant as “Miss Ocean Shores” (despite not winning any local pageants), shows a fairly different face than the one she had just one year later at age 16. Sure, she’s wearing a ton of makeup and her hair appears to have been fried to a crispy peroxide blonde, but her features seem relatively intact. Her eyes are open and her lips have that natural divot in the middle. Furthermore, she’s alert and smiling, and does not appear to be sexually aroused. (If she is, she’s keeping it to herself.)

Here’s a picture of her body at age 15:

She could have had a growth spurt and naturally sprouted huge, globular, hard-looking breasts in just one year, but considering what she did to her face, it seems possible that she’s had breast implants.

Let’s look at a few more current pictures of her:

And of course, our favorite:

It would seem she’s now unable to smile so much as bare her teeth. Her nose looks a bit different, too. The biggest change, though, seems to be in her eyes, which constantly droop. This could be the result of botched surgery, or constantly being high on drugs. Namely, downers of some sort. Hopefully not heroin. (Although that would explain why she always looks like she’s having an orgasm.)

Why is any of this bad? Well, we have age limits on things for a reason. 18 seems like kind of an arbitrary number to let people start making their own decisions (if anything, it’s way too young in many cases), but it’s the best we have come up with. A lot of plastic surgeons make “patients” wait until they’re 18 to do stuff like breast enlargements, because they could still be growing, and also because it’s hard to tell if a young person is doing it because she really wants to, or because she has a stage mom pushing her.

As for the drugs, sure, teenagers like drugs. But Courtney seems less like she’s doing drugs in a “teens experimenting in a basement” sort of way, and more in a “seasoned porn star in a movie-of-the-week who needs to dull the pain of existence” way.

Which is all to say, she embodies a lot of the things parents fear most. She should have a successful career in reality tv, if not a long one.

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    • Casey

      Since I’m involved with pageants, I feel the need to point out that she did not compete in the Miss Washington pageant. She competed in Miss Washington Teen USA. Two very separate pageants. Miss Washington is Washington’s state preliminary to Miss America. Miss Washington Teen USA is Washington’s state preliminary to Miss Teen USA. The Miss America Organization and the Miss Universe Organization are two completely separate entities. At age 15, you are in no way eligible to compete in the Miss division of a Miss America or Miss USA state preliminary, which is why she was a contestant at Miss Washington TEEN USA. Also, there are no local preliminaries for Miss Washington USA or Teen USA, which is why she didn’t need to “win” a preliminary to get to the state level. She just paid an entry fee. Very few states hold local preliminaries to it’s State USA or Teen USA competition.

      And… I can breath now. Sorry.

    • Beth

      Thanks for the clarification Stacy- I figured that she had paid her way into competition but I didn’t know enough about how pageants are structured. It’s unfortunate that the distinction isn’t made between the two pageants as I believe Ms. Stodden”s involvement is bad press for whichever organization her name ends up attached to.

    • Penelope

      To me, she doesn’t look like she’s had plastic surgery, more that she’s had a complete porn star makeover (yes, with copious amounts of drugs to “dull the pain of existence” <– best line ever!).

      Her nose looks the same to me – if she were having a nosejob, she would have gone for the rigid straight, emaciated look a la Heidi Montag. But she does seem to have embraced smoky eyeshadow as a religion, also too-tight shirts, push-up bras, and yes, the art of looking orgasmic every waking hour of the day.

      That poor girl needs a good (female!) best friend and a childhood. Also a divorce, high school education, a clue, and a different mom…

      • Marie

        This is all kinds of wrong and where will it end I wonder. In our materialistic society where people are brainwashed by T.V. and advertisements and sex is used to sell everything this is the result. The values in our society are messed up and this is the result.

    • Meira

      looks like a porn star.

    • Michael

      What has the world come to! Instead of enjoying the pure and simple life of a child, she’s gone straight to this filth.

      She looked better without implants! What is wrong with people!!!!!!!

    • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

      That before picture just makes me sad.

    • Cate

      Pretty sure in her Farrah Fawcett pic she’s up against a shower curtain… and by pretty sure, I mean, I own the same one. Ew.

      • Gail

        And it’s very photoshopped. Her elbow is backwards.

    • Katelyn

      I find it sad that you are further contributing to the humiliation of this poor girl. Analyzing every physical change of this teenager that has occurred over the course of the year is entirely cruel. Can you imagine someone doing that to your child? Pointing out the changes in their breasts and making disparaging remarks about their appearance in general? Your intentions to bring this poor parenting to light are good, but your delivery is mean spirited. Additionally, the drug accusations are unfair. She very well could be on prescription medication, have a medical condition that makes her eyes droop, or maybe just be the victim of some terrible photo angles.

      • mariah

        Hi Katelyn,
        She looks totally retarded now from all angles. Utterly, skankishly retarded. I’m sorry if it upsets you but it is damn funny! :)


      • Ella

        Katelyn, this would be true if Courtney herself were not the one talking about, and displaying, her breasts. She’s shallow and cheap and she’s trying to market herself to the public. We have a right to say “ew”.

      • Nikki

        Shut up. Nothing you said in that made sense. First of all she’s not some poor girl to pity. She would pity you. And prescription medication? For what? Her ADD? lol And oh yea the rare medical condition that makes her eyes droop, very clever idea. Not the 10 pounds of makeup she’s wearing or the cheesy seductious look she’s “trying” to give the camera in an attempt to be sexy. Stop enabling and defending her, because she would step on someone like you to keep her Gucci heels from getting wet.

      • Carrie

        Sadface.. Shame on you Katelyn… if this is a little girl (which i doubt so seriously), she IS A LITTLE GIRL! You should be pissed at her parents for letting her look and act like a freaking slut! Or even talk to a pedophile, let alone marry him! Not trying to make excuses for her coked out look! FYI, the media does this to every girl who “develops fast” (aka gets plastic surgery), so if you don’t want it to happen to your child, you don’t put them in that environment. Though, generally, little girls don’t go from “little girl” to full-on slut in a year. You are, clearly, sadly confused on how little girls should be in general so you should have nothing to say about how they are treated. I have a 17 year old little sister (turned 17 today) who acts like a slut and thinks its cool (and she has good parents). Its not. Its sad. She is sad. Her parents are sad. The whole situation is sad. I’m upset you are upset by these peoples comments. Comment on people, be as mean and logical as you’d like, maybe someone will take a hint and help her, cuz clearly her mother isn’t.

    • murt

      Honestly it doesn’t look like she’s had plastic surgery to me. The photos are taken at different angles, and it looks like she’s making even more of an effort to look ‘sexy’ now.

    • BubbaT

      More backwoods, country fuck parents trying to cash in on their kid. Yeah, she looks like a 25 yr old porn star.

    • Sara

      She’s very attractive. The before picture is more natural, she looks like she had plastic surgery & a “slut’ makeover. Hopefully, she’ll come to her senses before it’s too late. Porn stars pay a high price for their lifestyle, it’s not worth it.

    • Melissa

      She most definitely had lip injections. She has the classic “trout pout” going on there. Also, she looks like she’s had botox, because she can barely manage to smile naturally, which is evident by the weirdness at the sides of her mouth when she “smiles” and her bizarre eyes. Her eyebrows are also not as arched because the ends have been pulled up by the botox. I really don’t think she’s had plastic surgery so much as a bunch of injectibles put into her face. They’re the new thing, because it’s a “face lift” without actually getting a face lift. Sadly once you see people regularly who have those things done, it’s super easy to recognize it. She managed to age herself at least 7 years with all the makeup, injections, and tanning. She’s still pretty but she doesn’t look as fresh as her normal self did.

    • m.s.

      She looked so young and pretty before.

    • Ohdear

      To me, the most disturbing thing about this article is that given the pageant photo she does seem to be 16. Before this I’d been holding on to the hope that she was 37 or something and therefore this whole thing was not quite so sad.

      Now it’s not only revolting and miserably hilarious, but also kind of heartbreaking.

    • Ella

      What really freaks me out is that she’s effectively a porn star. Everything she does is calculated to arouse voyeuristic males including, but not limited to, her creepy husband. She wears platform heels to the beach and skimpy bikinis to clean house, and writing seductive tweets (thesaurus firmly in hand) is apparently a full-time job. She needs to go to college, or work in Starbucks, or visit orphans in Ethiopia. And she needs to stop telling everyone she’s a Christian, because ew, and because maintaining your virginity to the grand old age of 16 is no big freaking deal.

    • mo

      What high school is she sttending now?

    • mark sunders


    • RikkiakaJess

      i don’t blame her, i blame her parents… i was 16 once and i remember all the stupid crap i got myself into but my elders were there to reel me back in when it was time, this girl didn’t have that…. and that’s what everybody is forgetting, courtney stodden is still a teenage girl… who been mutilated by her mom… her dad too being he did walk her down the aisle… makeup doesn’t turn a 16 year old girl into a 40 year old monster.

    • kelsi

      She scares me with those looks. damn!!!!!

    • Lord of Evil.

      Funny how the majority of people disgusted by her are chicks. Sure she looks fake, but I’d still tap dat…. as would many other guys. Prolly why you’re all ranting. You can deny it, but we all know it makes you rage.

      • Nikki

        LOL you’re an idiot.

      • Carrie

        Awww sweetie! No. People are disgusted by her looks in addition to her supposed age. 17 year olds are children, as per the law, and should not look, act, or speak as she does. Let me also just say just about every guy in the world would tap just about every girl; fat, ugly, or otherwise. If they didn’t society wouldn’t have those genes, survival of the fittest! Recognize Darwinism!
        Just had to add that! I hate for guys to make it seem like girls are just tripping because someone is “sexy.” Sometimes it’s true, (me personally i give props where they are due, which is why you’ll see nowhere i called her ugly) but just sometimes its not. This time its not.
        And no Mr. Evil, I’m not fat or ugly. I do very well, i actually modeled a bit while i lived in Cali. And i still have only negative things to say about her.

      • Amber

        I’m a chick and I’d do her, IF, I didn’t think that her behavior is an outcry! I surely don’t wish it upon her or hope it happened, but a lot of times young women acting like this is a result of being sexually molested. At the age she is, she shouldn’t have the desire or know-how to be such a little tramp, unless she was taught to be that way. And she clearly was.

        Is she hot? Yes!!!!!!!

        Do I feel sorry for her because her existance could be so much more than some old man’s child bride? Yes!!!!!

        Do I envy her? No

    • Nikki

      Her first picture was a good one. If she could have maintained that look and stayed more natural people wouldn’t bash her so much. Oh and marrying an old guy at 16, that’s not normal at all, shame on her mother. Had she lived a life of most 16 yr olds, she would have been just one of those beautiful women you see in the Target with her rich husband and pretty children. I am sad she took a different route i.e last photo, and just looks like a complete moron. Why Courtney? And to the “MAN” “Lord of Evil” who thinks us women are jealous, your a moron too. #1 We couldn’t care less if you wanted to “tap dat”, you’d probably tap your neighbors dog if it was in heat. #2 No woman wants to sleep with a man that say “dat” so don’t worry. #3 We rant and rage because she is disgracing women all over the world! Women in the past were slutty but classy doing it. Today, their just slutty and trashy. Courtney Stodden everybody.

    • Mike02705720

      She’s most probably over 40 years of age with lots of plastic surgery. There is no way in this world she is even under 30.

      • Carrie

        Totally agree! I was mad at first when I heard about her on “The Soup”, i still dont know who she is but i know that she looks like a slut, and apparently speaks like one too, and shes 17 and shes married to someone who’s a pedophile, and i figured her parents should be arrested. But now that I can see her I see shes like 37 and is clearly of age to look as adult as she does and marry whom she likes!

    • TheEndIsHere

      LOL — a blind man can see right through that girl’s phony behavior.
      She’s such an awful actress … that she actually practices … during her interviews … in front of her husband (& the world) … how she will ‘FAKE her ORGASMS’ for later.
      Also … does anyone else wonder if Courtney Stodden may secretly be … the ‘prom-night dumpster’ baby of … famous televangelist ‘Tammy Faye Baker’?
      Come on … just admit it … they both look a lot alike –especially ‘around the eyes’. LOL.

    • TheEndIsHere

      LOL — a blind man can see right through that girl’s phony behavior.
      She’s such an awful actress … that she actually practices … during her interviews … in front of her husband (& the world) … how she will ‘FAKE her ORGASMS’ for later.
      Also … does anyone else wonder if Courtney Stodden may secretly be … the ‘prom-night dumpster’ baby of … famous televangelist ‘Tammy Faye Baker’?
      Come on … just admit it … they both look a lot alike –especially ‘around the eyes’. LOL.

    • tnmm

      i hate to say this but all the messed up stuff she does makes me feel like she was raped by her father or something