Celebrities You Are Not Allowed To Look In The Eye

I’m not going to lie to you, remember how if you looked Medusa in the eye you turned into a pillar of stone? Anna is only doing this for your own protection, also, she has a hairstyling team that just works overtime.

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    • anhawh

      How about Tori’s nose, is it okay to stare at it?

    • oldbag

      if i was madonna i wouldnt want people to look at me either. good god she does look unpleasant these days.

    • Jamie Peck

      Wow, I didn’t realize so many celebrities has Asperger’s syndrome.

    • Norah

      Anna Wintour is probably the second coming of Medusa. I would be afraid to look her in the eye!

    • Pádraig Pearse

      They should all die a horrible death.

    • vader

      illuminati puppets