• Mon, Sep 26 2011

Celebrities You Are Not Allowed To Look In The Eye

I’m not going to lie to you, remember how if you looked Medusa in the eye you turned into a pillar of stone? Anna is only doing this for your own protection, also, she has a hairstyling team that just works overtime.

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  • anhawh

    How about Tori’s nose, is it okay to stare at it?

  • oldbag

    if i was madonna i wouldnt want people to look at me either. good god she does look unpleasant these days.

  • Jamie Peck

    Wow, I didn’t realize so many celebrities has Asperger’s syndrome.

  • Norah

    Anna Wintour is probably the second coming of Medusa. I would be afraid to look her in the eye!

  • Pádraig Pearse

    They should all die a horrible death.

  • vader

    illuminati puppets