How To Stop Your Pedicure From Smudging (Without Wearing Flip Flops All Winter)

I don’t know about you, but periodically, I go out to get pedicures, and I always sit under the fan for the ten minutes they tell me to for the polish to dry (the polish that promises to quick dry in three minutes). I pay the extra dollar for the quick dry solution and carefully tiptoe home in flip flops. And it looks great. But the minute I get home and put on some closed toed shoes, the polish gets all smudged and the pedicure is ruined.

This happens every time, which is probably why I get about one pedicure a year.

Now! It could be that my toes are weird. That’s possible. Or it could be that there are some things I just haven’t tried. These are those things.

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    • macalny

      OR you could dry for more than 10 minutes. TEN minutes? Really??! What kind of miracle do you expect with giving the polish only 10 minutes to dry. That’s crazy talk right there.

    • Marisa

      Right. Pay up for the 20 min chair massage, and then you can enjoy the wait!

    • Melissa

      I know it sounds nuts, but if you spray Pam or any other cooking spray on your nails after painting them, they dry AND set up hard in seriously 10 minutes. Once you spray it on, let it sit for 10 minutes then I rub the remaining oil into my cuticles and then wash my hands/feet. I read this online recently and after I tried it I was AMAZED. I have the same problem w/ both manicures and pedicures. So go straight home from the nail salon and get your cooking spray on! :)

    • Amanda

      Go to a salon that uses CND Shellac or OPI Axxium! It’s a gel based nail treatment that is treated by UV light between coats, so it is instantly completely hardened. You can get two weeks out of a mani using the Shellac, so for a pedi, you’d probably only need one once a month if that.