Demi Moore Is Latest Celeb Accused Of Being Too Thin

Demi Moore showed up to the New York screening of Five last night and apparently her figure caused a little bit of a stir, prompting the always-classy Daily Mail to deem her a “shadow of her former self,” then quote a nutritionist who speaks in limerick or something (“‘too much time in the gym and too little time at the dinner table”) and add that she recently went on the Master Cleanse, because you have to fill the gaps between before and after pictures somehow.

It’s an incredibly odd space to occupy, talking about peoples’ bodies, but given that Moore has spent her post-Charlie’s Angels career depicted as some sort of standard barer for flawless 40+ beauty and is currently a professional model for a major fashion brand, it’s also absurd to suggest we can’t talk about how she looks. And, uh, she looks really, really thin, but is there anything more to say?

Here is another shot from a different angle:

(Images via Getty)

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    • Lisa

      She does have some muscle definition!

    • janet

      Yeah because she has no fat and her body looks like she is starving!! gross… whats wrong with people

    • Never Too Thin…

      “Accussed” of being too thin? The proof is in the photos. We must remember that a camera lens ADDS pounds–enough said.

      • Dutiful

        Well said! I couldn’t agree more. Usually people who have eating disorders themselves figth for others who have them because by you CORRECTING DEMI, it’s like you’re correcting THEM. Keeping them all in my prayers! HEALTHY IS NOT FAT. God Bless! :)

    • Mockingbird

      Has anyone noticed how her hips are almost as wide as her cheekbones? I think when your hip measurement equals your face that is an indicator that you might be too skinny.

      I remember seeing Gweneth Paltrow at Heathrow airport in June. I knew she must be in Hollywood because outside of LA and the modelling world, there is no reason for someones body to be that much smaller than their head. Seeing these women in real life, who I genuinely used to think had good bodies after seeing their photograph, just reminds you of how distorted women who need to look good on camera become.

      • la

        I saw Gwyneth Paltrow at Whole Foods in LA and the whole time we were grabbing the same things out of the salad making area (blanking on the formal term please forgive me it’s 1 am) all I could think was DAMN she has a great body and that purse is aaaadorable. Then my boyfriend pointed out it was Gwyneth Paltrow. So, I disagree. I think this was in like August or something, roughly the same time of year. She’s hot! Very thin, but there were some crazy muscles peeking out of her cropped pants so it wasn’t gross. As far as Demi goes….it’s burger time

    • Dianne

      Twenty years ago when she was heavier she was stunning. The thinness of today’s celebrity and young women makes a mockery of women. Gone on most of them are the roundness and curves that men of the past found so appealing. The faces no longer look fresh and youthful but gaunt and wasted. Even though Ms. Moore is approaching 50, she would look a lot better with some extra weight. She is just too thin for my taste. It’s not healthy looking. Makes the dress look good but come on.

    • Jules D

      She looks like a skeleton wearing a Cher wig. If that is “beauty” then I think I like ugly. I feel bad for these hollywood chicks. They look so ridiculous most of the time while spending huge portions of time and money trying so hard not to.

    • fhr

      Amazing how some people think it is ok to say that others are “too thin” yet take GREAT insult with someone calls these same people “too fat”. Get with the program – she’s too thin by your standards because maybe you’re a bit too overweight yourself. Call it what you want but jealousy rears it’s head in many different ways. Just sayin’…

      • Jennifer Wright

        Ashley is just a fat fucking hog beast.

      • Ashley Cardiff


      • Dutiful

        There’s adifference between anorexic and healthy. Demi used to be helathy thin but it’s OBVIOUS from her imatiated waist line to her skelton bony arms(which is not her usual look) that she is not practicing healthy methods. Whatever she and Ashton ACTUALLY ARE GOING THROUGH is taking it’s toll on her. This isn’t Paris Hilton we’re talking about who is naturally healthy skinny. This is a woman who has always been thin, but NOW is UNHEALTHY BONE SHOWING THIN! I’n not criticizing her, I don’t want her to drop off the planet any time soon.

        Funny how we want to praise people for being thin, like there’s something wrong with having meat on your bones, yet when the same person dies of an eating disorder we all want to say why them? She needs help and that’s NOT CRITICISM. This is something that simply CANNOT be swept under the rug!

    • Kai

      Good grief, the woman looks Horrible. Whatever cleanse she states she was doing, she needs to stop it. She looks too skinny and unhealthy, not to mention the fact that its Aged her terribly. She needs to take a good look at how she looks in these pictures. This was a beautiful woman still even just a year ago, WTF happened!