Hipsters Vs. MC Hammer: An Infographic

Once upon a time, MC Hammer and his signature style was super cool. Like, not ironic, not retro, just timely and awesome.

Now, it hardly bears mentioning that this style is no longer awesome. Based on that knowledge, what can we infer will happen to the hipsters of today who live by some of the same fashion rules? Let’s take a look:

[via Buzzfeed]


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    • Lila

      the anti-hipster content is really stale.

    • Melissa H

      I just caught Hammer at the state fair this year. He was plugging his son’s song. Let’s ask.

    • Stacey

      You should really put “From The Oatmeal” in the blurb so it doesn’t look like you wrote it.

    • adam

      You should have hat-tipped The Oatmeal first thing instead of re-posting his comic from yesterday. It sounds like you’re trying to take credit for it.