San Francisco Citizens Protest For Right To Be As Naked As They Wanna Be

San Francisco’s least modest male citizens recently staged a “naked guy nude in” to protest proposed laws restricting people’s rights to be totally naked in public in that fair city. Before I go any further, I should mention that I first came across this story by way of a link one of my San Franciscan friends tweeted alongside the comment “one of the reasons, among many, why SF is a dumb place to live.” That’s not very nice, I thought as I clicked.

Then I read the article, and found out what they were actually protesting. Was it a law that sought to force them to wear clothes in the park against their will? A crackdown on free-swinging breasts and balls? Why, no. All the proposed law would do is ban nudity from restaurants and “require unclad people to put a towel or other material down before sitting bare-bottomed on benches or other public seats.” Oh, the horror!

Some men in the protest argued that this law was totally unnecessary because most nudists already observe these basic courtesies (is “most” really enough?), but the protest might not have been totally about the proposed legislation, anyway.

Via The New York Times:

The event itself was originally organized not as a protest but as a curtain-raiser for the Folsom Street Fair, which spread over 13 city blocks on Sunday. “This is about body acceptance, not politics,” said the Nude-In’s organizer, Mitch Hightower, 50, who runs a pornographic Web site.

So basically, the proposed legislation reminded everyone that they’re allowed to be naked in public, so they decided to have some naked time and accept their bodies together before heading over to the Folsom Street Fair. Fair enough.

Perhaps the most amusing part of the article comes when the president of The Merchants Of Upper Market And Castro talks about how public nudity actually boosts the city’s economy:

“Nudity really doesn’t impact business,” said Mr. Adams, whose group represents about 300 businesses. “In fact, it is kind of a draw for tourists. As long as the people who come to look spend money in the neighborhood, that’s all I care about.”

He also says he often sees tourists posing for pictures with the nudists, which is cute. (Hey, I participated in that!) San Francisco: come for the public nudity, stay for the delicious burritos and hand-woven baskets.

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    • carrie

      If you are looking to try something new, the clothes free lifestyle could be your answer to meeting new nudist friends who look just like everyone. Naturistmingle com is the best choice for you! Nothing wrong with being naked as long as you enjoy it and can handle it. We are all born that way!

    • John

      Ironic that the city councilman’s name is Scott “Weiner”. LMAO! That said…. to the nude gentlemen involved…ahem….show it to my 8 year old and I will cut it off and feed it to you. That’s a promise.

      • Eileen

        Not really. “Wiener” is the German word for the Viennese sausage. If this guy’s name is German as it looks, it’s pronounced “Viner” or “Winer.”

    • Mockingbird

      A serious repercussion of this bill, however, is that nudity would be banned from the Bay to Breakers run. I don’t know about other citizens of San Francisco, but creepy nude men is as necessary to Bay to Breakers as drunk college girls in ladybug costumes. San Francisco, more than any other city, is a city of characters.

    • Chris

      As the article explained, the “nude in” was NOT a protest. No nudists object to the proposed legislation, as it simply requires one to cover their seat when sitting down, and it does NOT ban non-sexual public nudity. There is no California state law or local San Francisco ordinance banning public nudity, so long as it is does not involve sexual activity. Nor, is there any proposal to create a law banning public nudity.

      Quite frankly, no one in SF gives a crap about people being nude, and if you live in SF, or even just visit, you will see at least a few naked people on any given day. Some people think that the people who choose to go nude are unattrative (and there may be some truth to that), but that is a matter of personal opinion and free expression.

      Now that the slow news day has passed, I hope everyone can move on from this non-story.