Party Favors: Considering Cigarettes

The pros and cons of smoking (excluding what it does to your health). -The Hairpin

Older moms can’t catch a break. -DoubleX

Famous ladies sure like winking. -The Frisky

Famous love triangles and such. -College Candy

Crafting with paper. -StyleList Home

Going for traditional feminine prettiness. -Birchbox

Let’s talk about the ethics of wearing vintage fur. -Refinery29

Or the ethics of recycling your own material, like Martha Stewart. -Styleite

What about mixing content with retail?! -The High Low

Or emulating Kim Kardashian. -The Budget Babe

Patti Stanger, by the way, doesn’t know much about morality.  -Betty Confidential

Now let’s talk about sparkly shoes! Miu Miu ones! -Poshglam

Let’s end on a positive note with the moral center of the fucking universe: Jane Goodall. -YouBeauty

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