Poll: How Long Have You Gone Without Wearing Make-Up?

I think the longest I’ve gone without wearing any make-up is about three days. And during that period I have felt unpretty, but it was generally in situations where it was okay to be unpretty like, say camping, or some weird stuff like that. Camping! It’s like a lawless wasteland. That said, I sometimes see women smearing on lipstick to go for the gym, which strikes me as another Mad Max kind of wasteland. I guess if we all went, say, a full week without wearing make-up we might feel okay about our human faces again. Or this graph could be a lie. How do you handle make-up.

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    • Danielle

      I haven’t worn makeup since I was in my mid twenties. I’m 35 now. Makeup actually makes me feel disgusting. I can’t stand having crap stuck to my face. And I have no patience for the constant maintenance that’s required when wearing it. It’s not that I don’t have a beauty routine, it’s just that my beauty routine doesn’t involve wearing makeup.

      • MR

        I thought you might like a guy’s opinion. To me the biggest absurdity is a younger women who feels the need to wear a lot of make-up. I think a women in her late thirties or early fifties, for that matter, shouldn’t wear a lot of make-up especially if she has nice skin. I mean do you really want to be with a guy who finds any aspect of your real skin unattractive?

    • stevie

      I often wear make up, as I work in an office, and I have white eyelashes, so I almost always wear mascara. Although, sometimes in the summer I get my eyelashes tinted and don’t wear make up for a month because my tan makes my skin tone nice and even. So… usually pretty much everyday, except for when I don’t?

    • Alanna

      I’m a college student, and I love makeup and how it can make me look like I have long eyelashes and got more than three hours of sleep. That being said, when I’m at work and not having a breakout, or on the weekend and not going out, I like to let my skin breathe. I look extra babyfaced without makeup, and I like to look 20 instead of 14 (I actually got asked this at the airport this summer).

    • Arnie

      Currently I don’t even OWN any makeup that isn’t stored in a box somewhere across the Pacific Ocean. The only thing I brought with me to America that comes even close is a small thing of lip balm. And some handcream a friend gave me. Handcream probably doesn’t count as makeup, does it?
      Clearly I am a terrible woman for not knowing such things.

      I think the last time I wore makeup was in December, when I was ambushed by a thirteen year old with mascara.

    • Melissa

      Your poll answers don’t match the question. You ask what’s the longest you’ve gone w/o makeup, but the answers are for the question “How many days in the week do you wear makeup?”
      You might want to fix that if you want actual accurate answers, since people cannot answer the question asked with the answers you provided.

      The longest I’ve gone, since I was about 15 and started wearing makeup, is a 16 day geology trip. I pretty much look the same with or without it, the only difference is that my eyelashes look better with mascara and I need bronzer to liven up my face more. But I don’t look like a whole different person with it, so it doesn’t really bother me to go without.

    • charlie

      honestly, i dont have time to put on makeup everyday. especially for the last two days since I literately get any sleep at all. To me make up is not really a necessity. it is more of an impulsive act. so if one day i get up and have the time , I will put on make up. ( god it been like more than a month since I touch any make up) mainly due to the fact that i’m in my 4th year of college and a make up routine usually take up 45 minutes of my time which I think is better use for sleeping since i didn’t get enough of those lately.