• Wed, Sep 28 2011

Video: Anderson Cooper Covers Bad Tattoos On The Ridiculist

After winning the Stanley Cup earlier this year, Boston Bruin Brad Marchand and some of his teammates wanted to get the victory commemorated permanently on their bodies. Tattoos were hastily done in the locker room at the Boston Garden (that may have been where things started to go downhill), and whoever was doing them must have missed some basic grammar lessons. Instead of “Stanley Cup Champions,” Marchand got “Stanley Cup Champians” written across the side of his abdomen. Also, at a cursory glance, it looks a lot like “Starley Cup Champians,” but we’ll give the tattoo-er the benefit of the doubt.

Marchand says that the spelling mistake has been fixed, but not before the story was picked up and widely disseminated in the news.

Anyway, in addition to winning the hockey championship, Marchand can now add a second honor to his resume — he’s become fodder for Anderson Cooper’s Ridiculist. Here’s the video from Cooper’s segment last night, which takes on not only Marchand but also others who have suffered a similarly tragic body art fate:

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