Industry Tweets: Rachel Zoe Is Extremely High Maintenance

Uber-stylist and quite possibly The Worst Person, Rachel Zoe, tweeted Sunday: “Final stop..Paris via Eurostar train..@rbermanus is hating me right now..xoRZ.” The tweet was accompanied by the above photo, which features her husband Rodger Berman looking hapless behind 11 suitcases and 2 Louis Vuitton duffels as they head to Paris for Fashion Week! Oh my god, it’s all so glamorous and interesting that my eyes have begun to spontaneously bleed!! GIGGLE.

I know Zoe is a stylist and has to look a certain way in order to sustain her ineffable Zoe-ness,  but this just makes her look like another famously consumptive succubus.

(via Racked)

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    • Eve

      She has tuberculosis?

    • k

      Why would you need more suitcases than the number of days you’re in town? Bitch is nuts. Just wear Rick Owens. Fuckin’ duh.

      • Ashley Cardiff