UK Designer Rachel Freire Made A Dress Out Of 3,000 Cow And Yak Nipples

Remember that glorious dress made out of emerald-colored beetle wings? People found that a little gross. But British designer Rachel Freire did it one further by fashioning a pale corset-looking gown from… cow and yak nipples. Predictably, she’s taken some flack from animal rights groups, but the Central Saint Martins grad thinks she’s done something quite ethical by fashioning a striking piece from materials otherwise fated to be tannery scraps:

‘They really make you aware of the animal itself. I create fashion using material that would otherwise end up on the scrap heap. What I am doing is recycling. The people criticizing are clearly clueless about the amount of leather wasted on a daily basis.’

Freire also adds that she considers herself an artist before a designer (a distinction we appreciate, though her medium looks an awful lot like fashion). Either way, the dress is inarguably off-putting but also kind of… fascinating? Thoughts:

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As a sidenote, when off the model and un-styled (below), it reminded us of a corset dress with cage train made by Jean Paul Gaultier, which was much prettier and more feminine by virtue of not being made of cow nipples. Anyway:

(via The Daily Mail)

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    • Kay

      Not only is this hideous, this is cruel.

      • Laura

        They didn’t chop the nipples of living cows and yaks. In fact, the nipple probably goes to waste more often than not. This dress is weird and rather gross, but it is not cruel.

      • Nikki

        It’s cruel to the model…

    • BeccaTheCyborg

      Ed Gein clearly missed his calling as a fashion designer.