Here’s How A Pippa Middleton Butt Lift Works

In a recent segment for “Good Morning America,” we meet Florida resident Christina Valdez. Valdez has “always wanted” a slimmer waist and rounder butt, and when she saw Pippa Middleton on the day of the royal wedding, she realized that she had finally found the body she’d been looking for — a body that she could bring a picture of to a plastic surgeon, and have recreated for a small fee.

Valdez describes her ah-ha moment as follows: “If she can look petite and great and still have a nice backside to her, so can I.”

Isn’t that lovely? Except that the reason Pippa “can” look the way she looks is because she’s a triathalete.

People can get whatever surgery they want, but let’s be clear: acquiring a Pippa Middleton butt lift isn’t about the fact that “you deserve it!” or leveling the playing field or making things equal. It’s about two different women going about getting their desired body two very different ways: one exercises every single day, and one gets elective surgery, having the fat vacu-sucked out of her stomach and injected into her ass.

I suppose it’s up to each of us to decide if either of those roads is right for us, or if we just don’t want to bother with either. Quite frankly, both seem a bit extreme. (It’s just that only one has potentially lethal side effects…just saying.)

Aaaanyway, if you’re interested in watching some of the surgery and hearing about how it works, click on over to GMA. Some highlights are that Valdez went from a size 6 to a size 2, got to buy all new clothes, and still can’t sit down for long periods of time.

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    • KFR

      wrong! the only way for/to that Bxxp is : to do a lot of Pilates exercise, exquisite food and diat, some electro-stimulation of muscles, regular running and some spanking for very naughts girls !

    • Ash

      I don’t understand why everybody is so hyped about her butt. She really doesn’t have one, he just has a slim waist and a slightly wider hip area (and I’m using the word wide generously). Now then, thats not to say this woman doesn’t have beautiful qualities, but I don’t understand why this is the one that everybody focuses on. I am confused!