Video: This Arm Workout Simulates Jerking Off Even More Than The Shake Weight

Sometimes we feel like we have a contentious relationship with the fitness industry, what with its pushing of unrealistic body types and insistence that if you’re not toned, you’re an inherently bad person. But every now and then those fitness fanatics give us a little something, a little wink or a nod to let us know that things don’t always have be so serious.

The following video is one of those times.

It’s an ad for a device called the Free Flexor, which claims to work out all your arm muscles at once because of the rotating balls on both ends. The men in the ads are showing lovingly cupping one ball with one hand, while vigorously working the shaft of the exercise tool with the other. They say things like, “it’s a different kind of exercise…I’ve never felt anything like that,” and “once you start getting that momentum swinging, it starts to go deep.”

But my favorite part by far is the climactic finish. Please; see for yourself.

Gizmodo posits that because of the absurdly overt nature of the ad, the device can’t possibly be real. What do you think?

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    • Ash

      “It starts to go deep, you can feel it.” seriously? this can’t be real.

    • Jen


    • Eileen

      I think that if it were real, it would be marketed to women.

    • aliclo

      Um the next video that pops up after this one is “Telling my Dad I’m gay live”
      Coincidence, I think not.

    • Jan

      It actually is real! I went to the website and ordered one.