Should The Protesters At Occupy Wall Street Begin Dressing Differently?

You’re doubtless familiar with the Occupy Wall Street people who are continuing to protest the continued existence of Wall Street, and if you envision them in your mind you probably don’t imagine khakis and polo shirts. A Reddit commenter offers some interesting advice on why that should change. Namely:

I love you guys with every shred of my hard-left leaning heart. But I think you might be doing something wrong. Here is one thing that can help you.

Tomorrow, wear a polo and khakis

Seriously. polos and khakis. Every time you guys DO finally get some fucking press, it’s a scrawny dude with dreads in a ratty t-shirt. You’re going big here, dress it. Tomorrow, Polo shirt and Khakis.

Why? Because you need to get the right-leaning equivalent of me on your side. I’m 35 right now. I understand where the hippy thing comes from. I get it as well as a guy who’s 35 can. My Counterparts do not. They think you are scummy druggies on welfare and when they see on tv a bunch of people who they think are S.D’s on W, they root for the cops to hit you again.

Speaking of the cops, Who do you think they’ll mace first? SD’s on W, or a guy in khakis and a polo? Seriously, it’s fucking cop camouflage. And if they DO come for you. When people at home see PEOPLE THAT LOOK LIKE THEM getting abused by police… That’s when shit changes.

Seeing protesters get beat up means nothing because protesters get beat up all the time. Therefore, don’t look like a protester! This connects you to the person watching and opens them to your side!

So for serious. Do it. You’re almost about to tip this thing over. Polos and khakis. Cop Camo + target audience = Shave, shower and polos and khakis.

TL;DR: Polo shirt and Khakis = dress code for nyc protests tomorrow.

Do you think they have a point? Or does this kind of eliminate the whole counter-culture aspect of the protests?

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    • Brandt Hardin

      The movement is gaining momentum after two weeks and Occupy movements are popping up all over the country! Stand up together and use your voice to give to those without through solidarity. Tax the rich and feed the poor- you are the 99%! See my Occupy Wall Street painting and Anonymous homage on my artist’s blog at where you can also see videos of the protests and police brutality as well as get other sources for coverage of the movement.

    • Christa

      I do think there’s a point, it’s much easier to brush off protestors that look dirty and messy, because then it immediately gives the idea they are not very clever or educated if they don’t even care how they look. Because most people who are successful in their jobs care how they look, or they at least dress the part. Now, I know that isn’t right, but that’s unfortunately the association I have, because all of the people I know who are educated and that I admire, dress well. I always thought this when there were “protests” on my University campus by the legalise-marijuana group. If they had dressed like they were coherent, rational people and not looked like they just rolled out of bed at 1pm to get there to smoke a joint, I would have a lot more respect for them.
      Rightly or wrongly, I think protesters need to show the general public that they are like everyone else, and that means they need to address how they look. Every group looking for a change needs to do this, if you are going to put yourself in the public eye, you need to think about how you come across to the average person who is working hard each day and has a million things to do other than care what you are saying. You have to make them care by making them feel that you are like them – someone who has bills to pay and a family to look after as well, but in spite of having the same responsibilities, this was too important to ignore.

    • Jamie Peck

      Wouldn’t buying fancy clothes sort of undercut their anti-capitalist message? I mean, they’re not going to show up to an anti Wall Street protest wearing Gucci. Regardless, I don’t think the protestor are as uniformly crusty as this post makes them out to be. My boyfriend is joining them this weekend, and he is a dapper dude. I might just put on a cute dress myself and go down there. You don’t have to be a train hoppin’ crusty to be part of the 99%. By definition, MOST people are part of it. Even you, my snarky blogging friend. ;)

    • Kirov


    • porkchop

      no, no, no… Setting aside whether they should dress better, khakis and polos is not the way. The answer is jeans and sweaters. OR, jeans with a t shirt over a long sleeve t shirt, but with a hair cut. Now you look like Jon Stewart! Everyone wants to listen to you.

    • Ellen W.

      My High School librarian always told me to wear all white to a protest because “the blood shows up better.”

      I think they should dress nicely because right now this is their job and if they take it seriously they should dress as though they take it seriously. (the fact that human beings are so damn stupid that they value people by their clothes and not their character is a fight for another day).