Great Movie Boyfriends Who Would Make TERRIBLE Real Life Boyfriends

Yeah, that’s right, we ARE talking about Lloyd Dobler. We’re not afraid to go there.

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    • Eileen

      Thanks for going there re: Lloyd. Also, don’t play me Peter Gabriel outside my window. Or at all, really.

      I’d definitely sleep with Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond, though.

    • Dawn

      Fail. I actually told my partner that he was my Lloyd Dobbler when we first started dating. Because he unrelentingly thought I was amazing and special and lovable, even when horrible self-talk shame spirals were underway or I’d done something mean or hurtful. Loved and accepted every part of me (but will call me on my shit). Yup, I am the breadwinner in the house, but he’s the emotionally grounded one. Oh, and he grew out of aimless perpetual student-dom after about 5 years of dating, and is now at 37 on his way to a pretty good career.

    • Megan

      See, and I thought you were going to say Bond would be a bad boyfriend because he BANGS ANYTHING THAT’S FEMALE. Forget “are you dead?” texts; it’d be more like “keep it in your pants!”

      Also, this is completely irrelevant because if you say you wouldn’t sleep with James Bond (well, okay, maybe not Timothy Dalton), you’re lying. Bond is the fucking pinnacle.

      (See what I did there?)

    • EE

      Hah, Hilarious and So.True.

    • MR

      Wow, okay. If you like raw Brosnan try ‘Tailor of Panama’. Yeah, British women are the most intense lovers.

    • Meghan

      I love John Cusack as Lloyd Dobbler. But in real life I think I could handle him for 10 mintues. Tops.

    • Gracie

      It is interesting the Sean Connery as James Bond hitting woman because Sean Connery actually thinks its okay to hit woman from time to time.