Australian Retail Chain Sends Rudest Customer Relations Email Ever

When you go shopping, you generally expect a certain level of politeness from the people who work at whatever store you’re shopping at. If you shop where I shop (i.e. Rainbow), that’s usually accomplished by not saying anything at all (which is, after all, better than being rude and horrible). But Australian chain store GASP likes to yell at customers and pressure them into buying things they don’t want, and if you dare to complain about it, they’ll send you a weird, ungrammatical letter that is basically “YOU SOUND POOR” over and over again.

This happened recently to a woman named Keara O’Neil, and she was so amazed by their un-self conscious awfulness that she decided to post the letter on the internet. Here it is:

Dear Keara O’Neil,

Having now had the privilege of having both version of events, I am now in a position to respond to your complaint.

From the very outset, one thing that you should be mindful of is; Our product offerings are very, very carefully selected, so to ensure that we do not appeal to a broad customer base. This is something which is always at the forefront of our minds when undertaking buying duties.

The reason for this is to ensure that we only carry products which appeal to a very fashion forward consumer. This by default means that the customer whom is acclimatised to buying from “clothing for the masses” type retailers, is almost frightened by our range, sometimes we have found that this type of customer, almost finds our dresses funny, and on occasion noted comments such as ‘it looks like a dead flamingo’. When we receive comments like this, we like to give ourselves and our buyers, a big pat on the back, because we know we are doing our job right, and modus operandi is being upheld.

Our range is worn by A list celebrities to the likes of Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez and Katy Perry to name only a few. Now, as one might appreciate, the style counsel for these types of celebrities are not ones to pick “run of the mill” type clothing, and they do so on the basis to ensure that the styles are cutting edge, and only worn by a select few. Similarly these items are priced such that they remain inaccessible to the undesirable.

Insofar as our employee goes; Similar to our product offerings, our employees are selected with a similar approach. Chris whom served you is a qualified stylist whom has a sixth sense for fashion, and Chris’s only problem is that he is too good at what he does, and as I am sure you are aware, people whom are talented, generally do not tolerate having their time wasted, which is the reason you were provoked to leave the store.

Whilst I concede that you work for chain retailer, unfortunately that does not make us like for like. It is probably fair to assume, a lot of what I have said in this email, either doesn’t make sense to you, or you totally disagree with it all, which is what I would expect (unless of course I have you totally wrong – which I doubt).

Let me guess, you would never, ever hire Chris in the course of your duty, would you? This is the very reason, why your comment “from one retailer to another” is so disproportionate, it’s almost as though we are in a totally different industries. Chris is a retail superstar, who possess unparalleled ability, and I am sorry you feel upset by him, but he knew you were not going to buy anything before you even left your house.

So if you would like to do us any favours, please do not waste our retail staff’s time, because as you have already seen, they will not tolerate it. I am sure there are plenty of shops that appease your taste, so I respectfully ask that you side step our store during future window shopping expeditions.

Thank you for your enquiry.

I think I’m going to start using “whom” as a subject so everyone knows I’m not as smart as I’m pretending to be. Also, LOL forever at Kim Kardashian as pinnacle of A-list stardom, and LOL as well at pretending their bitchy sales guy is psychic.

But wait, it gets better! Here is the letter they issued in response to all the criticism:

We respect that not all consumers strive for a glamorous appearance; some prefer to simply blend in. [...] We respect and welcome all customers whom wish to visit our store, even though the intention to buy may not exist. But we ask that their opinions be expressed through blogs, social media or around a warm latte, but certainly not inside our stores.

Here are some of the glamorous items they sell:

GASP, indeed.

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    • Abigail

      While I think their products look gorgeous, I would now never shop there because of their stupid employees.

    • Hannah

      I went to GASP looking for a dress for my formal a few years ago, the sales people were beyond rude and the clothes were much more hideous that those pictured here.
      Yet somehow their stores are always full of cashed up teens and those that still wish they were teens.

    • Odbery

      I bet Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez and Katy Perry will never shop at Gasp again. Also, “undesirables” should never be refering to human beings, I don’t care how “talented” or “fashion forward” you are.

    • Keara
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      • M

        So really what you’re saying is, horrendous grammar and punctuation is a trend among the fashion “elite”? And why would you not want a large subscriber base? It was my understanding that the point of being an entrepeneur was to sell products, not to alienate potential customers.

    • Joy

      Clearly it’s a secret language only understood by those of us who are not undesirables.

      Or perhaps I should say “whom” are not undesirables… nope, just can’t bring myself to butcher the English language that badly. Guess I’m not cut out to be their customer.

    • Kelly stevens

      Looks like a dead flamingo to me whom got hit by a truck!

    • porkchop

      Nice business model–the style, social skills, and vocabulary of 12 year olds.

    • Maria

      To Whomever posted a pic of Keira on Flickr: You’re as trashy as the clothing sold at Gasp.

      Gasp clothing: where Russian porn stars and men who give them black eyes shop.