Kanye West Designed A Fur Backpack For Spring 2012

Anja Rubik on the Kanye West Spring 2011 runway

Kanye West just showed his first womenswear collection in Paris, under the watchful eye of a star-studded audience including Carine Rotifeld, Stefano Tonchi, Anna Wintour, the Olsen twins and… Lindsay Lohan. Expectations were high and rumors have been flying that the price point is astronomical, but Kanye showed a pretty straight-forward collection of body con minis and cutout dresses that you will no doubt find on Kim Kardashian very soon. Seeing as how West has no discernable qualifications as a fashion designer, the collection was completed with the help of London-based designer Katie Eary. Reviews were mixed but not scathing.

However. The man sent a fur backpack down the runway. A fur backpack. Here it is on Aussie model Bambi Northwood-Blythe. How much do you guys wager this thing costs? I say around $29k, which puts it safely in between Victoria Beckham’s $14,000 not-Birkin and the The Row’s $39,000 alligator backpack.

(Photos via HuffPo, StyleList)

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    • Stephanie

      If I had the funds, I would buy it in a second. Who cares that it’s a spring collection?

    • l


    • Selma

      Kanye West I hope someone skins your face and wears it as a hat – ANIMAL HATER!!

    • Sav

      This is fucking tacky.

    • Ash

      Kanye’s vanity cost more than just money, it cost a lot of innocent lives….way to endorse animal cruelty, you’ve really out done yourself.