10 Hysterically Depressing ‘Haikus For The Single Girl’

We just received a copy of Haikus for the Single Girl, a book which is comic, because it is accented with amusing illustrations. It’s a good thing it has those illustrations, because otherwise we would just be sobbing our eyes out. Here are some of our favorite comic gems that make us weep until our stomachs go into sexy little convulsions!

(But honestly, can’t we stop focusing on being single as this really special state and instead treat it as “exactly how I’d otherwise live my life, but with the freedom to sleep with a bunch of different people?” Because that’s pretty much how it should be. That’s not to say everyone doesn’t get lonely sometimes but 1) a relationship won’t necessarily eliminate that feeling and 2) you’ll probably be more appealing to everyone if you stop treating singlehood like it’s the circle of Hell that Dante forgot)

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    • August S.

      Dumb stereotypes =
      Too much sex and the city?
      (No one liked carrie)

      • Ashley Cardiff


    • Jamie Peck


    • Perry R.

      Nice, Jon Hamm is a perfect visual for that haiku!

    • Maris

      A sandwich in bed
      Sounds better than a boyfriend
      Also, I’m single

    • zoe

      sound like you critics can’t get boyfriends either – this book is hilarious. Face it – we all hit slumps and what we REALLY want is validation for those REAL feelings. Just think of it as literary chocolate – deliciously self-indulgent… it is comedy, after all. (also – have YOU tried dating in NYC? ick.)

      • unclel

        who else has $5 on this comment being by the author of the book?

    • Meg

      Um, unclel? My dear friend the author would not say “literary chocolate.” and hey August! Nobody likes a party-pooper, either! yo Griffenhagen! niiiiice. Ok, self? Stop getting annoyed by comments, be thankful for your g-friends, and wipe that pms-inspired chocolate off your face (how d’ya like that for stereotypes, Avgust?)!