• Mon, Oct 3 2011

10 Hysterically Depressing ‘Haikus For The Single Girl’

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  • August S.

    Dumb stereotypes =
    Too much sex and the city?
    (No one liked carrie)

    • Ashley Cardiff


  • Jamie Peck


  • Perry R.

    Nice, Jon Hamm is a perfect visual for that haiku!

  • Maris

    A sandwich in bed
    Sounds better than a boyfriend
    Also, I’m single

  • zoe

    sound like you critics can’t get boyfriends either – this book is hilarious. Face it – we all hit slumps and what we REALLY want is validation for those REAL feelings. Just think of it as literary chocolate – deliciously self-indulgent… it is comedy, after all. (also – have YOU tried dating in NYC? ick.)

    • unclel

      who else has $5 on this comment being by the author of the book?

  • Meg

    Um, unclel? My dear friend the author would not say “literary chocolate.” and hey August! Nobody likes a party-pooper, either! yo Griffenhagen! niiiiice. Ok, self? Stop getting annoyed by comments, be thankful for your g-friends, and wipe that pms-inspired chocolate off your face (how d’ya like that for stereotypes, Avgust?)!