Even Audrey Hepburn Got Photoshopped: A Breakfast At Tiffany’s Before & After

Can you believe this previously unseen “before” shot of Audrey Hepburn in one of the most famous press stills from Breakfast At Tiffany’s? The image apparently inspired one draconian art director with a grease pencil to deem Hepburn’s legendary beauty not quite legendary enough. Yes, even women renowned the world for their unforgettable faces over have fine lines, stray hairs, even–gasp!–pores. Let’s look at it beside the more recognizable finalized image:

The shot comes courtesy a new coffee table book by Sarah Gristwood, which coincides with the film’s 50th anniversary.

(via The New York Post)

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    • Zakiyyah

      It is important to know that this is NOT a new phenomenon. All these epic images that we hold dear to our hearts are just as “tainted” as the current ones.”

      • Miss C

        “Tainted”? Get a grip! Do you go on dates or to job interviews just as you rolled out of bed, smelly pits, matted hair and all? Or do you edit your appearance to be more seamless and pleasing? If you answer yes (and don’t claim “hygiene” – that’s an artificial name for vanity when applied to harmless body odour) then you’re as tainted as the most photoshopped image out there!

    • Courtney

      I don’t see what was edited. It looks like they just upped the contrast until you couldn’t see her skin texture anymore?

    • Jill Baker Oliver

      I know from the previous coffee table book I have about Audrey Hepburn that she disliked her nostrils and therefore insisted on having a final approval of how they looked in all still shots of her. But other than the “before” being scribbled on and the “after” having the contrast bumped up, I don’t see the differences that are supposed to be highlighted here.